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+ The 10 Best U2 Songs of the 21st Century

“Stateless” (2000) Before they "returned to form" that fall with All That You Can't Leave Behind, U2 offered one last glimmer of hope for a headier, more nonlinear direction with the music they contributed to longtime friend Wim Wenders' 2000 film The Million Dollar Hotel. And while the song they co-wrote with Salman Rushdie was a collaboration that surely piqued our curiosity, "Stateless" unveiled an all too promising glimpse into what U2 in the 21st century could have sounded like if they continued down the path of their oft overlooked 1995 side project Passengers: Original Soundtracks 1.

nostalgia is a liar


nostalgia is a liar. nothing was ever as good as you remember it to be. there’s a reason you don’t talk to that person anymore, there’s a reason you’re not part of each other’s lives. don’t trust nostalgia. grieve. reflect. move on. /via

If you have never heard the live version of Buckley's FORGET HER...Buckle up and fix that RIGHT NOW:

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