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This is a new low

This is a new low I want to collapse. Stress. Work. Longing. Heartache. Ouch. Testing posting via w.bloggar. I came to work with my shirt inside out. I'm going to burn out soon.

" stay with me under these waves, tonight.
be free for once in your life tonight. "

Strawberry Fields Forever

I live in these apartments called Abbey Road. The street I live on is called Penny Lane. The administration decided to put this up:
I hadn't even noticed. Last week when Lela and Kathleen came over to watch Sex and The City, they pointed it out. It was the first time I saw the show with someone yelling out "show some dick!"

L. C.

...not only am I lonely but alone. I am like an eye dangling by a few nerves from a man’s socket, and I long for detachment or to be part of the body whole, anything but blind useless pain. I have not given up by any means so don’t let me depress you. There are insights to be gained from the tedious chaos. I could do so without such an education but since I have no choice I might as well learn. Laughter is a first in the face of the gods and I will make those heavenly faces  bloody and blue

DVD Wants



I feel desolate. I feel like The Bends. "I wish, I wish that something would happen" . This morning I got a new CD to listen to on the way to work. Zooropa. On my way back I realized it was 10 years ago this summer that it came out. Its the first U2 album I got the day it came out. Half that summer was anticipation for it to come out. The rest was driver ed. I liked the LXG movie and don't get all the bad reviews it got. Alan Moore is a genius and he knows what's going on.


Randomly, from clicking on a link from 10000K, I ended up on the homepage of a photographer who took a Cat Power picture I used in one of my collages. Neverwhere is coming out on DVD, I barely remember watching an episode or two. DVD aquisition: Bjork: Royal Opera House. It is filmed really well and it has its highlights but there's too much Verperstine songs for my taste. That's my Wolverine Pez. I think I got it from Lela along with X-Men chocolate.


To end my very stressfull work week, I'm accenting my cube. It wasn't until now that I noticed that this week's themes made it to my wall.


Neil's creation Tim Hunter + Andy and Alfred postcard I got from Carolyn.


Japan + Andy's Superman postcard I got from Brooke.

And a new collage, of course.

Swimming to Japan

I need to get Neil's new cd, which reminds me; I guess it's been like 10 years since " Angels and Visitations" came out. I love that book. The size of it, the art. He needs to do another one like that.

I guess I have a very loose interpretation of work, because I think that just being alive is so much work at something you don't always want to do. -Andy Warhol

While looking for magazine pictures to scan I kept running into Andy Warhol curiousities so I created a gallery to hold it all together.

I really want to go to Japan.

Eisely had an article in the Chronicle. I hope they come to Austin soon, or I may just see them in Dallas if I end up going up there to go see "Swimming Pool"

July 2001 Soundtrack

  • To Cry About, Mary Margaret O'Hara
  • Deuce, The Cardigans
  • Sea of Love, Tom Waits
  • Scared of You, Nelly Furtado
  • As Close As This, Pj Harvey
  • Any Time At All, The Beatles
  • All The Young Dudes, David Bowie
  • Last Train, Travis
  • Feeeling Good, Muse
  • 'Till We Came Along This Road, Nick Cave
  • Shadows, Rufus W.
  • Return To Me, Bob Dylan
  • Psalom, Kornos Quartet
  • I'm thru with love, Diana Krall

Ghost World


Clowes explains the film's title, "The America we live in is disappearing, bulldozed under our feet and constantly rehabbed and remodeled. It also refers more personally to the characters and the friendships that they've lost."