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Happy Birthday To me. I was born in Santurce which is right next to Old San Juan, Benicio Del Toro was also born there.

I sleep two hours | Insomnia | 6am, my parents call and sing over the phone | rush to work, the earlier I get there the earlier I can get out so I can come home and try to sleep | Immense stress and frustration at work | sigh | finally escaping work and napping at home | snuck in some Soul Calibur 2 while waiting to get picked up for dinner | Chad & Jen finally meet Colleen and make jokes about how they thought she was my imaginary friend | first thing I got at the restaurant was a pina colada, I’d been waiting for it all day | Coconut shrimp + mango frozen margarita = yum | Chad pokes fun " Let's see, you are his friend so you must be seventeen?" | later on Colleen has a delayed reaction to his comment and I crack up laughing, she goes "How many me’s are there?" | I make them drive me to Book People so I can get some magazines | home, sleepy, tired, zzzzzz | Also, 10 years ago U2 performed one hell of a show that was broadcast on the radio, I love that show.

September Albums


BETH ORTON: The Other Side of Daybreak, Sep 2.

BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB: Take Them on on Your Own, Sep 2.

DAVID BOWIE: Reality, Sep 16.

THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS: Singles '93 - '03, Sep 23.


DIDO: Life For Rent, Sep 30.

3rd Thursday

Here in Austin we have this First Thursday thingy, which I've never been to. Alas, today I went to 3rd Thursday, at least the Waterloo Records event. It was an in-store mini-show by Eisely. I was too far away to take decent movies but I got some audio: They all sorround me, Sunfeet.

Waterloo is the kind of store that makes you want to get a CD anytime you walk in. To support this great store I bought something. I got THE PETER MALICK GROUP featuring NORAH JONES

I took a picture from across the street. In front of Book People, the new headquaters for Whole Foods is being built. Flying high was the Texas flag.


Cast of Thousands

I like getting pre-release albums so that I can be totally surprised and not know anything about it from reviews or what not. In this case I didn't even know Elbow had anything coming out so it was a pleasant surprise to get their new one. Two South by Southwest’s ago I missed their show. On my first listen I found the album to be obtuse, dark, impenetrable. I wondered where the hell the guys who made the first album had gone. Nothing seemed catchy. I didn't care. At some point certain songs started reminding me of other stuff. Immediately "Snooks" reminded me of "Mother" and "Walking in your footsteps" by the police. I started hearing REM, Spain and Blur here and there. In the span of 24 hours it got better. Its one of those albums that grow on you, and within a day I had totally fallen mad for it. On the first day I had decided my favorite track was "Fugitive Motel". Favorite as in it would make it to my next mix cd. After a few days of listening and wondering what the hell was going on with some of these songs, I’ve conveniently found the singer talking about each one. (it has a police reference, and i've come to find out it was produced by the producer of Blur's last album. Damn I'm good) This is best bit since I live in Austin and as I mentioned, its my fave song on the album:

"Fugitive Motel"
I wrote the lyrics to this after we stayed at a motel just outside Austin, Texas, when we played South by South West. The place looked like it was full of murderers and thieves hiding from the authorities, which set me on my way.

A Good reivew.

My ipod has gone postal

First a co-worker recommends Postal Service after seeing their show and lends me the cd. I rip it and put it away. Then months later Dani send me a mix cd with one of their songs and its one of my faves from her mix. Then a couple of days later i'm in Colleen's car and I'm like " That sounds like Postal Service" and sure enough she was playing the CD. And now to conclude, theirs was the first album I uploaded into my new Ipod. Ipod Love ( a goofy movie).
P.S: I saw the most gorgeous book today: Acme Novelty Datebook. I want it for my Birthday.

The movie theatre fire

Saturday was a rare day, crosspollination of friends ( Colleen, Brandy & Chepo) for Freddy vs Jason. The movie was fun, we even had quite the screamer in our row. We walked out of the theatre to be greeted by a very smoky entrance. The whole front of the building was smoky as hell yet they were still selling stuff at the concession stand and no one seemed panicked at all. The smoke alarms had not gone off yet. It was strange. There was lots of fire and explosions in the movie, it would of been wild if fire had seized the screen while the movie was on. Anyways I couldn't even find a mention of it in the newspaper and I didn't pay attention to the news so it must of been just your casual three fire trucks, eventual evacuation, Saturday night move theatre experience.

ACL Schedule Picks

ACL Schedule Picks

[ Friday 9-19 ]

Liz Phair : Feature East stage @3PM
Spoon: Heineken Stage @8Pm

[ Saturday 9-20 ]

Dandy Warhols: HEB Stage @12:15pm
Mason Jennings: BMI @ 4:15PM
Arba Moore: Austin Ventures @ 6:30PM
Bright Eyes: HEB @7PM

[ Sunday 9-22 ]

Ben Kweller: Heinekin Stage @3:30PM
Beth Orton: Heineken Stage @7:45PM
R.E.M: Feature East @8:30PM


Once at Sara's graduation I realized I had been at her High School one as well so this was the full cricle. A wedding shall be next I imagine. I busted open my X-men UNO cards this weekend. It comes with a Mutate card that you can use to get rid of your current cards for new ones, or make someone else do it. On top of that, because Sara May's boyfriend can do an excellent Christopher Walken, whoever used the mutate card got to also decide what accent or voice impersonation every player would speak in. We did Walken, Snoop Dog, Scottish, Korean, Katherine Hepburn, and at one point I busted out with my Gollum and freaked everyone out.

Blimey + Connections

Kim had Neko Case on her TypeList and I downloaded a few tracks and loved what I heard. So then I come to find out Neko will be in Austin this weekend. Carolyn mentioned Rilo Kiley in an email, I downloaded some, liked it, then Dani sent me her mix cd and sure enough even more Rilo that I liked. They're in Austin tonight as well, I just read. There hasn't been a show that has made me go dowtown in AGES, for weeks I haven't had the pleasure of going out and about, and here they are and I will miss them because I have to go out of town for a graduation, an important one so i'm not all mad about going, just mad about the timming. Hell, before I found out about the graduation I was supposed to show some old high school friends around town, guess where I would of dragged them too? These damn shows of course! Damn it.
:: Cursing Begins::

I love the 80's

I'm a packrat. I found this sticker book that came inside a cereal box when I was kid ( probably fruity pebbles or something ). Marvel at my awesome Knight Rider stickers.


Is Grant Morrison nuts?

" Time does seem to be accelerating, information storage capacity isIS doubling exponentially. Everyone's getting into mag!c and Gnostic philosophy thanks to "The Matrix," "Harry Potter" and "Lord Of The Rings." The streets are awash with false prophets and dodgy techno-gurus... it sure looks like the Eschaton to me. "

August And Everything After

I got a mix cd in the mail from Dani:


I'm glad I waited and never got the Yoshimi CD, becuse this new version of it seems to be quite awesome. I would love for more cd's to come out as 5.1 Audio. My birthday is this month, I still don't have plans. At the very least I'm going to take the day after ( a Friday ) off.

" In August and Everything After, I'm after everything. "

Tuesdays are for consumerism

Danddy Warhol's new cd came out today. I totally dig the homage to the Velvet Underground's first album. Casablanca came out today. I now have three copies of it on DVD. Don't ask. I totally remember the first time I watched it after hearing so much about it. I think it was on PBS. I also got Bright Lights, Big City Which I think I watched the same weekend as Casablanca, ten years ago. MGM is really retarted about DVD covers, instead of using the original poster , they made their standard collage of faces.