Bloom County
ACL Fest Day 2

ACL Fest Day 1

Thanks to a good guy at work I have a great parking space in the neighborhood near the park. So down I went to the festival. Met with with Chepo who was there to play with David Garza, he hooked me up with an artist badge and we hung out in the VIP area, playing ping pong and having our radars up for a glimpse of Liz Phair walking around. No such luck, the only sighting was that of Al Green's posse. So, David played and got people to stand up and be jolly and I took a bunch of pictures for Chepo, of course as usual I forgot my own damn digital camera at home. Then off I was to see Liz Phair. She was cute in her cowboy hat. I wondered if she was going to do any of her risky songs, and sure enough she talked about how "this is the part of the show were I do the more naughty stuff" or something like that and she did a quick solo fast paced sort of country-ish versions of that song where she says she wants to be your blowjob queen. She was all smiles. Later in the set she went all out and did "Hot White Cum" to everyone's delight.

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