ACL Fest Day 1
ACL Fest Day 3

ACL Fest Day 2


To sum up the day: it rained. It was muggy and not fun. The Dandy Warhols started out slow but ended up great because I got to hear the two songs I wanted: "you were the last high" and "we used to be friends".

Hours later: Bright Eyes. I had heard yesterday that Britt (of Spoon) was going to play with them and he did, but wait, there's more: To my extreme delight even Beth Orton joined Conor. Good times!

30 second clip of Beth and Conor singing

Usually I'm not all up in the front taking pictures and being crowded but I got up close to get some pictures for Colleen who loves Conor.

Bright Eyes - 9.20.03 Photo Album

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