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ACL Fest Day 3

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The final day. Ben Kweller performed all of "Sha-Sha" in order to mark the fact that this was the last show of this album's tour. In attendance were Conor from Bright Eyes, Taylor from Hanson and Albert Hammond, Jr of The Strokes plus about 500 teenage girls. Because I know at least three girls who like him I took pictures.

Beth Orton: Swoon. Nuff said. I was in the front row, against the stage. It was an acoustic set, she did about three new songs. I recorded a little video of Beth performing one of the new songs. It's over at

R.E.M : Excellent. Mr. Stipe seemed to been having fun. The highlights for me were "World Leader Pretend" and "Find the River". He dedicated one song to Conor Oberst but I can't remember which one it was.


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