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"Tales Of A Librarian"


" In addition, TALES OF A LIBRARIAN will include a pair of brand-new songs - 'Angels' and 'Snow Cherries From France' - as well as newly recorded renditions of two ultra-rare B-sides - 'Mary' (originally found on the European 'Crucify' CD single) and 'Sweet Dreams' (from 1992's limited edition 'Winter' CD). "

Sweet Dreams - Live @ Austin, Tx Spring of 2003 (mp3)


Thanks to ZenBetty I saw Lost In Translation last night at a screening. It was sublime. Funnier than I expected. We had sushi aferwards. [ insert smile here ]


For some reason I thought of a quote fron Endless Nights " If you can't be happy where you are, you can't be happy anywhere".

September Soundtrack


Wicked Child - Radiohead
Wild World - Beth Orton
Fugitive Motel - Elbow
I wish i was the moon - Neko case
We used to be friends - Dandy Warhols
All your love - Norah Jones
Suddenly everything has changed - Postal Service
such great heights ( iron and weed mix ) - Post Service
gagging order - radiohead
Falling Away with You - Muse
And I'm aching - BRMC
Bobby Gentry - Beth Orton
Some of Us - Starsailor
Playing Cards with judas - Sarah Slean
Such a rush - Coldplay
the golden path - Chemical Brothers
Strange - Tori
This is the last song - Gavin Friday
Fog - radiohead

ACL Fest Day 3

[ Day 3 Photo Album ]

The final day. Ben Kweller performed all of "Sha-Sha" in order to mark the fact that this was the last show of this album's tour. In attendance were Conor from Bright Eyes, Taylor from Hanson and Albert Hammond, Jr of The Strokes plus about 500 teenage girls. Because I know at least three girls who like him I took pictures.

Beth Orton: Swoon. Nuff said. I was in the front row, against the stage. It was an acoustic set, she did about three new songs. I recorded a little video of Beth performing one of the new songs. It's over at music.achtungbaby.org

R.E.M : Excellent. Mr. Stipe seemed to been having fun. The highlights for me were "World Leader Pretend" and "Find the River". He dedicated one song to Conor Oberst but I can't remember which one it was.


ACL Fest Day 2


To sum up the day: it rained. It was muggy and not fun. The Dandy Warhols started out slow but ended up great because I got to hear the two songs I wanted: "you were the last high" and "we used to be friends".

Hours later: Bright Eyes. I had heard yesterday that Britt (of Spoon) was going to play with them and he did, but wait, there's more: To my extreme delight even Beth Orton joined Conor. Good times!

30 second clip of Beth and Conor singing

Usually I'm not all up in the front taking pictures and being crowded but I got up close to get some pictures for Colleen who loves Conor.

Bright Eyes - 9.20.03 Photo Album

ACL Fest Day 1

Thanks to a good guy at work I have a great parking space in the neighborhood near the park. So down I went to the festival. Met with with Chepo who was there to play with David Garza, he hooked me up with an artist badge and we hung out in the VIP area, playing ping pong and having our radars up for a glimpse of Liz Phair walking around. No such luck, the only sighting was that of Al Green's posse. So, David played and got people to stand up and be jolly and I took a bunch of pictures for Chepo, of course as usual I forgot my own damn digital camera at home. Then off I was to see Liz Phair. She was cute in her cowboy hat. I wondered if she was going to do any of her risky songs, and sure enough she talked about how "this is the part of the show were I do the more naughty stuff" or something like that and she did a quick solo fast paced sort of country-ish versions of that song where she says she wants to be your blowjob queen. She was all smiles. Later in the set she went all out and did "Hot White Cum" to everyone's delight.

Bloom County

'Will Bloom County ride again?'

Bloom County was the best comic strip EVER ( sorry Calvin and Hobbes fans). To me, it is the best chronicle of the 80's and I'm ecstatic that it is coming back!

Fans of the 1980s comic strip Bloom County will soon have a reason to start reading the Sunday funny pages again. That strip's creator, Berke Breathed, is working on a new cartoon that resurrects his best-known character, Opus the penguin. - NPR.

Endless Joy

Re-enter Sandman: Fantasist Neil Gaiman Returns to the Graphic-Novel Series That Made Him Famous

Endless Nights came out today. I already ran out and got mine during lunch and I can't wait to go home and relax and read the whole thing.

Last night I had an impulse buy moment: I exchanged two DVD's I had from B&N for the Bjork Live Boxed set. I ended up paying all of $7 and started my morning by listening to the Homogenic disc. Score!

CNN Story , Neil on NPR's Talk of The Nation

[ I Wish I Was The Moon - Neko Case ]


chimney falls and lover's blaze
thought that I was young
now I've freezin' hands and bloodless veins
as numb as I've become
I'm so tired, I wish I was the moon tonight

last night I dreamt I'd forgotten my name
'cause I sold my soul but I woke just the same
I'm so lonely, I wish I was the moon tonight

god bless me I'm a free man
with no place free to go
paralyzed and collared tight
no pills for what I fear
this is crazy, I wish I was the moon tonight

how will you know if you've found me at last
'cause I'll be the one, be the one, be the one
with my heart in my lap,

I'm so tired, I'm so tired
and I wish I was the moon...

U2 SlaneCastle DVD


DVD: U2 Go Home - Live From Slane Castle
Slane Castle, Ireland
September 1st 2001

Audio: PCM & 5.1 DTS
Date of release: November 17th 2003

Content of DVD

"Unforgettable Fire" documentary (28 mins.) with bonus track
Complete show from September 1st 2001 at Slane Castle, Ireland (106 mins)

· Elevation
· Beautiful Day
· Until The End Of The World
· New Year's Day
· Out Of Control
· Sunday Bloody Sunday
· Wake Up Dead Man
· Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
· Kite
· Angel Of Harlem
· Desire
· Staring At The Sun
· All I Want Is You
· Where The Streets Have No Name
· Mysterious Ways
· Pride (In The Name Of Love)
· Bullet The Blue Sky
· With Or Without You
· One
· Walk On

Bonus Tracks: The DVD will include a 30-minute documentary about U2's day at Slane and commentary and maybe some special features.

new ipod software

Google Get: GoogleGet is a small Windows program designed to download the latest news from news.google.com (or a local variation) to your iPod in the quickest and simplest way possible.

Windows - Weather for Me: Weather for Me is a program created by Staylazy.net Software to grab a seven day forecast from weather.com and place it in your notes directory on your iPod.

Newsweek reports that Apple expects to release iTunes for Windows next month: "Apple has quietly informed some music insiders that it’s moved up the date for expanding its current Mac-only iTunes for the vast universe of Windows-based PCs to mid-October," as it discusses the recent lawsuits by the record companies against individuals and the future of music: "Technology is creating new markets for music as well. The music giants are banking on an exploding U.S. market for dialing up music on cell phones—in effect, you would use your phone as a portable player. It’s already a multibillion-dollar business in Europe and Japan."


"What is it about some women? The one-in-a-million kind, who make your head go light and your mouth go dry and your heart climb up your troath? It's no just their looks. It's something else--something you can feel from across the room."
Frank Miller

Decade in an instant

I opened my mailbox and there it was: Esquire's 70th anniversarry issue. Ten years flashed before my eyes. I remember getting the 60th anniversarry issue at a hospital, and I still have it. I know it had some nifty articles but I can't remember any of them now.

Anyways, my current state of being:
I love the fall.
I had a glorious weekend.
I am well rested.
I have a lot of plans.
I am happy this moment.
I have a lot of work to do this week but I'm not bothered.

Butterflies And Hurricanes


Albums keeping me company in my Ipod:

[ David Bowie - Reality]
" Don't let me know we're invisible "

[ Muse - Absolution ]
" this life's too good to last
and I'm too young to care "

[ Beth Orton - The other side of Daybreak ]
" At the speed of light, I can do what I like "

Well, I'm totally out of the bjork loop because I had no idea about this live boxed set, I'm only intrested in the homogenic show though.

Art in the Con

I watched “Matchstick Men” the other night, with very high hopes. Nicolas Cage was so great in "Adaptation" and the same goes for Sam Rockwell in "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind". I loved those two movies and was ready to be amazed. One hour into this I'm wondering why the hell Ridley Scott got involved. Then it takes a turn and the last 20 minutes were an amazing example of redemption. Maybe this kind of role is already expected of Nic, but I would nominate him yet again. Of course this will be boring for all those people who figure plots out within 10 minutes of a film starting, but I believe they did a great job on the trailer not letting on to anything. Alison Lohman is 24? I totally bought that she was as young as the movie made her out to be.

Birthday related things continue: Colleen made me some fabulous macadamia cookies and a brilliant card/ cd. The CD is all birthday songs, it made me smile.

I'm trying to get into an art groove. Alas, inspiration hasn't struck me yet. What has happened is I'm into getting artsy books, I got the Frank Miller Comics Journal Library, and the latest two Chris Ware books are not far behind.

Neil Notes { September }

Notes on Marvel 1602 #1 | Endless Nights Preview

Writer Neil Gaiman talks about the biggest secret in comics, 1602..

1602 Review - Entertainment Weekly
From the September 5th Entertainment Weekly:
The year is...well, 1602. Dr. Strange and Nicholas Fury are advisers to the embattled Queen of England, mutantkind has been targeted by the Spanish Inquisition, and Peter Parquagh is a budding young adventurer who thinks spiders are neat. Transporting Marvel characters to an alternate Renaissance is a nifty high concept. Fortunately, with erudite scribe Neil Gaiman (The Sandman) at the helm, there's nothing gimmicky (or pretentious) about it. Rendered rich and dark by artists Andy Kubert and Richard Isanove, and accessible to those who don't know X-Men from eczema, 1602 is a triumph. The Marvel universe hasn't been this engrossing in ages. Literally. A
--Jeff Jensen
Via, the dreaming



Saw American Splendor at the Angelika in Dallas, it was everything the hype implied and more. I was struck by how many things Harvey had in common with the Steve Buscemi character in Ghost World.

Quote of the weekend:
Rachel "I was going to get you a birthday card but I haven't been to the grocery store"
Me: " So what you are saying is ' I would of gotten you a card but I didn't need any milk this week' "

Lost In Translation opens September 19th, same weekend I'll be at ACL Fest. blimey. I hope we get it here in Austin because I'll find the time to go. I picked up BlackBook without even realizing that Scarlett was in it. Also, Sofia Coppola directed the new White Stripes video.