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Neil Notes { September }

Notes on Marvel 1602 #1 | Endless Nights Preview

Writer Neil Gaiman talks about the biggest secret in comics, 1602..

1602 Review - Entertainment Weekly
From the September 5th Entertainment Weekly:
The year is...well, 1602. Dr. Strange and Nicholas Fury are advisers to the embattled Queen of England, mutantkind has been targeted by the Spanish Inquisition, and Peter Parquagh is a budding young adventurer who thinks spiders are neat. Transporting Marvel characters to an alternate Renaissance is a nifty high concept. Fortunately, with erudite scribe Neil Gaiman (The Sandman) at the helm, there's nothing gimmicky (or pretentious) about it. Rendered rich and dark by artists Andy Kubert and Richard Isanove, and accessible to those who don't know X-Men from eczema, 1602 is a triumph. The Marvel universe hasn't been this engrossing in ages. Literally. A
--Jeff Jensen
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