Windows IPOD Day (gues starring Bono)
Playlist: "Crush Mix Volume 1" (revised)

Music & Girls

" God Put A Smile " - Coldplay - reminds me of the piratequeen 'cos she makes me the happiest and I think I put it on her first mix cd and she's has a great smile.

" Let Down " - Radiohead - reminds me of rochelle rochelle because I met her around the time OK COMPUTER came out and I used to know who she was always hanging out with so " you know where you are with " reminded me of that.

" Butterfly " - Tori Amos - reminds me of FroggyJen becase I called her so she would watch Tori perform this on Leno.

"Just Like Heaven " - the Cure - reminde me of Eon because he got me into the cure.

"Live Bed Show" - Pulp - reminds me of the girl with the curious hair because I still have the bed.

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