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A Tale of Two Chris'

I've been meaning to write a follow up to my call for mix cds. Some weeks back I checked my mail and to my extreme delight there was some unexpected mail. I got a great little Leonard Cohen book from Christina, instead of a mix. Lovely surprise. Then I got my one and only mix from anyone so far, called "Snow Day At The Library" from Christine. I was very excited because hardly ever do I get a mix with songs I've put on mixes in the past. This one included "I see a darkness" and "Joan of Arc" and songs from The Postal Service.  Also, her mix introduced me to The Dressden Dolls.  Mix I sent out:

[Sad Panda Nov03]

To Cry about - Mary Margaret O ' Hara
Can't see (Useless) - Oingo Boingo 
Everything Hits at Once - Spoon
Sent you up - Knife in the wate
Bottle of you - Joseph Arthur
And i'm Aching - black rebel motorcycle club
Mad World - Donnie Darko Soundtrack
You sort of human being  - Emm Grynner
I Defeat - Sinead O Connor & Tim Booth
Unintende Single - Muse
Lover I don't have to love - Bright Eyes
Walk on me - Ben Kwelller
Precious Maybe - Beth Orton
The way we get by - Spoon
Someone't got it in for me - James
Silent All These Years with L. cohen Intro - Tori Amos
Shine - Muse
Sunshine and Chocolate - SemiSonic
She wants to play hearts - Ryan Adams

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