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Year End List Per Request

Per Tim's Request I've filled this out.

· Best Book that you have read this year

It's a tie and they're graphic novels: Animal Farm and Endless Nights

· Album of the year

Muse: Absolution.

· Concert of the year

Deathcab For Cutie

· Video game of the year

SSX3 (PS2) & Halo (PC)

· Most influential/inspirational pop phenomenon


· Movie of the year

Have you been reading this here typepad? It's "Lost In Translation" of course.

· Most memorable moment of 2003

Too many moments with Colleen to list.

[ LIT ] Translate This

Austin Chronicle: [ Translate This ]

'The Austin Chronicle' Top 10 Films of 2003

1) Lost in Translation Votes: 27 Mentions: 3

Marjorie Baumgarten

4. Lost in Translation

With this captivating movie that's so different from her debut outing, Sofia Coppola proves she's a director of real vision and unique sensibilities.

Kimberley Jones

1. Lost in Translation
The first bloom of a young actress (Scarlett Johansson), the maturation of a writer and director (Sofia Coppola), and the revitalization of an institution (Bill Murray). Perfectly wonderful

Marc Savlov

1. Lost in Translation
Both Bill Murray and Sofia Coppola deserve Academy attention for this flawless, passionate, and above all, human comedy. Takashi Fujii as the host of "Matthew's Best Hit TV" deserves something, too, possibly a Xanax.

13 Going On 30

The Trailer
Jennifer Garner ( Kicks Ass in ALIAS)
Mark Ruffalo (Was great in "My Life Without Me")
Andy Serkis ( hello Gollum)

p.s. I also saw This Trailer tonight and found it so wacky I really can't belive it is from Disney. I've never seen the show this is based on, but recalled Baseman's work from The New Yorker. Oh yah, I also remember his Fiona Apple painting:


Apple & industrial design

Father of invention

Friends say the roots of his success lie in his lateral thinking - finding the true appeal of an object, often ignoring the traditional approach to design. Inspiration comes from almost anywhere. The original candy-coloured iMac had its roots in gumdrops. The popular transparent Apple mouse came from thinking about how drops of water sit on a flat surface. An angle-poise desk lamp helped inspire the new iMac. The see-through outer casing of recent iBooks came from the look that food has when wrapped in clingfilm. The iPod is like a cigarette pack for those addicted to music instead of tobacco.

Eisley's first video

Eisley's first video can now be seen by the world


WMA (Windows Media, for various connect speeds):





QuickTime (56,100,300,700):


Dallas Observer:

" A year ago, Eisley was still MossEisley, and the band was still on the verge of something instead of being in the thick of it. But you could hear it coming, see it on the way. You wouldn't have predicted the deal with Warner Bros. necessarily or the tours with Coldplay, but you could imagine it. Standing in the audience of one of their ever-growing shows back then, it was difficult not to fall in love with it all. How the group (band members names here) connected with each other and how that connection spread throughout the crowd until everyone was somehow part of it. It was everything music should be and, these days, rarely is.
A year later, and little has changed, except Eisley is even better at what they do. Marvelous Things, their second EP for Warner Bros. (the first, Laughing City, was released in May), shows off a sound strengthened by a couple of months under the bright lights; the harmonies are watertight, the guitars tougher, the rhythm section getting in the photo instead of just providing the frame. Live favorite "Sea King" finally makes an appearance on the record, and pretty much sums up what the band is all about, with its 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' lyrics, Sunday-drive simplicity and sad-eyed beauty. Expect even more, and better, when Eisley's first full-length arrives sometime next year, produced by Rob Schnapf."

[LIT] end of year praise

From ARTFORUM's Best of 2003: Film


7. Lost in Translation (Sofia Coppola) Sonata for two oddly matched people and a gigantic hotel: The spaces are elegantly deployed, and Bill Murray was never better.


1. Lost in Translation (Sofia Coppola) A sustained mood of rapturous melancholy infuses this exquisite jet-lag romance.

Sofia Coppola Talks About "Lost In Translation," Her Love Story That's Not "Nerdy"

Mafia Princess: An Interview with Sofia Coppola

The Suntory Commercials of Akira Kurosawa

Fox News

10. "Lost in Translation": Sofia Coppola's second film is a little over-hyped at this point, but you can't argue with its merits. The winners of the offbeat-relationship award for 2003, Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson simply shine. Murray takes everything from his last two successes — "Rushmore" and "The Royal Tenenbaums" — and makes the third push toward respect the big breakthrough. Coppola had a great executive producer in her dad, Francis Ford Coppola, but she also shows that it takes more than a name to get the chemistry right.


Dec. 22, 2003

Zelniker's 'Vinyl' spins roles for Faris, Sokoloff

Anna Faris, who turned heads for her bubbly turn in Sofia Coppola's "Lost in Translation," will team with "The Practice" star Marla Sokoloff to star in Richard Zelniker's "Vinyl." Thora Birch and Jena Malone have already signed on to the project, which is due to start shooting in February in Los Angeles. Zelniker is directing from his own script. "Vinyl" centers on the women behind a male rock 'n' roll band that is on the verge of breakout success. Faris will play the live-in girlfriend of the band's bad-boy lead guitarist. Sokoloff will star as a bar waitress who wreaks havoc on the band when she comes between a band member and his girlfriend. Other casting is expected to be announced in January. Bill Bannerman and Tom Rooker are producing for Zelniker. Faris is repped by the Gersh Agency and Raw Talent. Her other credits include the "Scary Movie" franchise and "May." Sokoloff is repped by Endeavor and Myles Levy at James/Levy/Jacobson. She next stars in the 2004 Sundance Film Festival entry "Home of Phobia." (Chris Gardner)
From Hollywood Reporter

A Tale of Two Chris'

I've been meaning to write a follow up to my call for mix cds. Some weeks back I checked my mail and to my extreme delight there was some unexpected mail. I got a great little Leonard Cohen book from Christina, instead of a mix. Lovely surprise. Then I got my one and only mix from anyone so far, called "Snow Day At The Library" from Christine. I was very excited because hardly ever do I get a mix with songs I've put on mixes in the past. This one included "I see a darkness" and "Joan of Arc" and songs from The Postal Service.  Also, her mix introduced me to The Dressden Dolls.  Mix I sent out:

[Sad Panda Nov03]

To Cry about - Mary Margaret O ' Hara
Can't see (Useless) - Oingo Boingo 
Everything Hits at Once - Spoon
Sent you up - Knife in the wate
Bottle of you - Joseph Arthur
And i'm Aching - black rebel motorcycle club
Mad World - Donnie Darko Soundtrack
You sort of human being  - Emm Grynner
I Defeat - Sinead O Connor & Tim Booth
Unintende Single - Muse
Lover I don't have to love - Bright Eyes
Walk on me - Ben Kwelller
Precious Maybe - Beth Orton
The way we get by - Spoon
Someone't got it in for me - James
Silent All These Years with L. cohen Intro - Tori Amos
Shine - Muse
Sunshine and Chocolate - SemiSonic
She wants to play hearts - Ryan Adams

Golden Globes Go Big for Small Films

[ Golden Globes Go Big for Small Films

As for best picture regarding the Oscars, the trick for "Lost in Translation," a very popular film directed by Sofia Coppola, daughter of "The Godfather" director Francis Ford Coppola, will be to try and knock "Seabiscuit" off the list the Globes delivered. Good luck. The four other nominees — "Cold Mountain," "Lord of the Rings," "Master and Commander" and "Mystic River"-are very solid.

[ Actress In A Leading Role - Drama ]
Cate Blanchett in Veronica Guerin
Scarlett Johansson in Girl With a Pearl Earring
Nicole Kidman in Cold Mountain
Charlize Theron in Monster
Uma Thurman in Kill Bill (Vol. 1)
Evan Rachel Wood in Thirteen

[ Actress In A Leading Role - Musical Or Comedy ]
Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday
Scarlett Johansson in Lost In Translation
Diane Keaton in Something's Gotta Give
Diane Lane in Under the Tuscan Sun
Helen Mirren in Calendar Girls

PB 12"

I'm the happy owner of a new Apple Powerbook. I'm going out of town, playing with it and I shall return. I've been meaning to post about the mail I got last week, mix cd, a book, but haven't had time. More later.

J.G. Ballard - Art Is...

art is my car. art is that BMW car ad. art is the key that opens my door. art is what you live with. art is my computer. art is the born again christian with the megaphone outside. art is the design of the broken airconditioning unti in this room. ar t is there to remind me. art is how I feel sometimes. and not others. art is watching a piece of work be endlessly reproduced and take on incredible twists and turns and radiance and beauty. art is the stuff critics can't do.

Ghost World


I've seen it so many times that now I like watching it with people who haven't seen it. For the longest time I've been trying to get Colleen to watch it. Finally did last nite with her roomates along for the ride. I'm still annoyed that not all the deleted scenes are on the dvd

I ran into Brad Renfo last year but when I did I had totally forgotten that he was in Ghost World. From my old movable type journal:

October 17, 2002
Film Festival Continues
Tonight it was time for my third Jena Malone film of the year ( Donnie Darko and Altar Boys being the others). It seems she has the market cournered for Damaged Troubled White Girl From Anywhere America roles in indie hollywood flicks. In attendance for this world premire of the movie "American Girl" was Brad Renfo. At first I didn't even recognize him when he got in front of the audience and started yelling. He sat near us and was a bit loud and weird (antsy). After the movie I was walking out and he had locked himself out of the movie theatre. I let him in and almost stoped to ask him about Dominique Swain ( this was also my 3rd Brad Renfro movie of the year with Happy Campers and Tart being the others) but I didn't.

Pages and Memory

Monday's are a terrible exercise in depression. I don't know why. To cheer up I go get magazines because they are an addiction. Tonight I picked up the 5th anniversarry issue of BlackBook. It took me back. I remember the first issue I ever got while waiting for a showing of Henry Fool to start in Dallas.

She sat down at the piano...


She sat down at the piano
the most beautiful pianist in the world
dressed in a photographer's robe
I was rambling through the yellow pages
of my old slave's heart
for something better than gratitude
when upon the mucous she installed
the tiniest royal sailing ship
the sea has ever given back
saying, Sometimes I am with thee
sometimes I must go to where
a man is stranger to his pain.
Leonard Cohen , The Energy of Slaves

DJ1Luna Presents...

I'm playing DJ this week here. Sharing one song a day. First song up is by Emm Gryner. I used to run a Fiona Apple mailing list called "Under The waves" and one of the subscribers, I believe he was a Canadian living in England, sent me a tape with Emm Gryner among others. A lot of the time she's a piano chick, and we all know how much I love those.

Emm Gryner
[ I'm Gonna Drug You 'Till You Love Me ]