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Current Listens


I've been listening to snorah jones' new album all week. My initial reaction was that it was more of the same. Pristine and polished production values but no growth on Norah's part. Which I can understand. Why rock the boat when it worked so well the first time? I think its funny that the album begins with "Sunrise" since her first album felt so much like night time, sleepy time and this one seems luminous to me. There's something magnetic about it, I keep coming back to it. At first I thought the duet with Dolly Parton was goofy but it may be one of the highlights along with the Tom Wait's cover of "The Long Way Home". You know how when you listen to an album for the first time there's one song that you like immediately? For me it was "Carnival Town". If Norah and Hope Sandoval made a duet I would be very happy.

Last week I found something interesting: a Kathleen Edwards EP that was one side DVD, the other Audio. The fucking thing busted my laptop's cd drive so you don't want to know what I think about it.

Ani's new one was frustrating. I haven't cursed at a CD on first listen as much as this one in. The thing that bothered me was all the backing vocal overdubbs of her voice. Sometimes it sounds like two ani's and one retarded ani all singing at the same time and it ruins some songs in certains spots. Past that, it's just the yearly Ani dosage of great lyrics.

Elbow's Freaking Great "Cast of Thousands" finally got released in the states and it was worth the wait. It came with two new tracks added to set list, not tacked on at the end like most of the time. The second disc has some videos and "cast of thousands - the film" in Flash instead of in DVD like the u.k. version. Oh well, it's better than nothing. I can't say enough good things about this album. I already talked about it anyways.

[ Lost In Translation ] Oscar Nominations and DVD comments


Well, Scarlett Johansson was absent from being nominated and she's also barely seen in the "making of" feature on the DVD. It's one of the best made for DVD ones that I've seen, from the first day of filming, to a lot of candid Bill Murray moments. He has lots of fun with a book called "Making out in Japanese" which now I want to get. Spike Jonze was one of the camera guys on this thing as well. I was pleased with the inclusion of the wacky "Japan’s Johnny Carson" segment from the movie in its entirety.


From: "jill" Date: January 26, 2004 4:51:44 PM CST Subject: love life

love my job
walk into work
10:35am this morning
only 2 of 9 people are here before me
and the White Stripes Elephant is blasting upstairs
i stomp up the steps in rhythm to Seven Nation Army
and my day begins as it should...and when it should...

Happy Monday
love you all!

A great email from Jill. More people should write about their good days instead of whining about their crummy days.

Trailers for Movies I want to see

Well, its Golden Globes night, Scarlett just lost to Annie Hall ( you could hear me yelling "F U you old crow" for miles around). Lets talk movies. Here's two that are coming soon. Lars will be an eternal genuis for Riget. A big F U to ABC for their crummy looking from the commercials american version of The Kingdom.


From an online review " DOGVILLE is a must-see film but it may not be appropriate for the politically prudish or below-average IQ moviegoers who prefer the film spell out for them. It will blow your mind and haunt you long after the film ends. Lars is undeniably a professional mindraper and I gladly embrace that fact. "

Focus Features is on a roll. "Lost In Translation", "21 Grams" and "Swimming Pool". I absolutely can't wait for their next flick; "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". This is the best part of the trailer:


2004 Year In Albums

Lamb - Between Darkness & Wonder
The Places [featuring members of Death Cab For Cutie and The Thermals] - Call It Sleep
Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine Summer 2004
Bjork - LakeExperience June 2004
Tom Waits - [Title TBA] March 2004

Tom Wait albums two years in a row! Not listed in metacritic's list is the new nick cave album he was talking up when Nocturama came out. And of course Rufus' Want Two

[ metacritic: Music: Upcoming Release Calendar ]

Mixed reviews for Ani's Educated Guess

Texas is Love + Friendship


This graphic comes from the Jim White website at his label. I think I'm going to make a shirt out of it. I can't seem to find the release date for his new cd "Drill A Hole in That Substrate" which features my current favorite song: "Static on the Radio" (with Aimee Mann on backing vocals).

Darkness in Austin

From Austin Statesman Blogs:JOE GROSS

That'd be Justin Hawkins, lead singer of British post-metal band The Darkness, who was sitting with a circle of friends on DeVille's south patio. In photos and videos Hawkins is about as creepy-androgynous as possible, wearing chestless spandex jumpsuits and preening and slithering like a heroin-addict David Lee Roth. Now, I'm a major Darkness fan, so Hawkins' rock persona is cool and funny to me. It's also exotic and a little surreal, just like the group's blasting symphonies of crunch. So seeing him in casual clothes at an Austin bar was not only rare, it was a jarring non sequitur. Like spotting Bigfoot at Kmart.
We met while ordering drinks at the bar (me two, him six). He said he was just "hanging out" in town, no reason. The band's not on tour and the closest it will get to Austin this year, he said, is Dallas. A confidential source later told me Hawkins is spending a lot of time with a backup singer in Austin's Young Heart Attack, which toured with The Darkness last year. Anyway, for such a glam-rock showboat, Hawkins was diffident and gracious around this starry-eyed

Album of the Month: Elbow

Finally coming out on 1/27/04 here in the states is an album i've talked about before. Last month there was a review on Esquire magazine and now Pitchfork did their review...

Well, by now it's pretty much official: after 40 unrivaled years, the reign of The Beatles' idyllic melodies over British Rock has been usurped by Radiohead's cathartic explorations. A glance at the current UK album charts confirms it: Coldplay's A Rush of Blood to the Head, David Gray's A New Day at Midnight and Muse's Absolution all topple Britpop's old school.

Les Liaisons Dangereuses (2003)

Because "Dangerous Liaisons" and "Valmont" were ages ago and "Cruel Intentions" wasn't enough, coming to dvd in March is the newest revisionist (French) production of the book "Les Liaisons Dangereuses". Of interest is the cast: Catherine Deneuve, Rupert Everett, Nastassja Kinski and Leelee Sobieski ( she only makes French movies now?).

[ Les Liaisons Dangereuses (2003) - " The story is set in the jet-set world of the sixties " ]

This Month's WTF! moment

Dweezil & Lisa

Rock musicians and food lovers Dweezil Zappa and Lisa Loeb are hitting the road in search of musical and culinary adventures. From dining on Southern specialties with the Indigo Girls in Atlanta, to chowin' down at the Zappa family's breakfast pancake party, this dynamic duo is out to find good times and great food. Join them as they discover new regional culinary delights with famous chefs and friends across the country.

Dweezil & Lisa premieres on Friday, January 16 at 10 pm ET/PT

Playlist: Nowhere Is Now Here

Let The Distance Bring Us Together - Conor Oberst and Britt Daniel
Wild World - Beth Orton
Shoot Me Down - Nick Cave
You Left Me A Song - Heather Nova
Absolutely Zero - Jason Mraz
Couldn't Care Less - The Cardigans
A Mind of her own - Pedro The Lion
Nevermeant - American Football
Gagging Order - Radiohead
Suddenly Everything Has Changed - Postal Service
Falling Away with You - Muse
Rainslicker - Josh Ritter
Half jack - Dressden Dolls
Ontario - Mountain Goats
Go or Go Ahead - Rufus W.
We used To Be Friends - Dandy Warhols
La La La song - Low
With Arms Outstreched - Rilo Kiley
We've Never Met - Neko Case

First Weekend

An exeptional weekend concluded with me in bed suffering a bad cold. Regardless, it all started Friday with dinner at P.F. Chang's with Sara May. It's our favorite place. Well worth the hour and half wait. Thankfully the wait was aided by a well made Mai Tai. At this point I'm sort of doing a tour of all P.F. Chang's in Texas. Only four more to go. Saturday was Rachel's birthday party. Among the things I got her was an Alias magazine that made her go bonkers. All my friend's are Alias geeks...finally. Also at this swell party I got to hang with Abby who I had missed seeing the last few times I went home. Our geeky synchronicity moment was discoverring we both had the same PowerBook.

All is quiet on New Year's Day

What do I remember about 1994? Tori's "Under the Pink". Hearing "Famous Blue Raincoat" for the first time and get into L. Cohen. The death of Kurt Cobain and the rise of Hole. It was also the year I got online. The year the world noticed The Internet ( a.k.a The Information Superhighway, thanks to all those damn commercials with Anna Paquin one of which can be seen here) oh, and I graduated High School as well.

New Year 2004 Celebration at Times Square QTVR