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Frank Miller's SIN CITY: The Movie

Sin City

"Robert Rodriguez has committed to direct "Sin City," an adaptation of the Frank Miller graphic noir crime novel series. Dimension Films co-chairman Bob Weinstein has given Rodriguez the go-ahead to begin shooting next month in Austin, Texas. Rodriguez has already shot the film's opening with Josh Hartnett and Marley Shelton, and he's now casting the remaining roles as the rest of the film gets under way in March..." (Variety)

I'm a HUGE Sin City fan, Frank Miller is a genius. I can't believe it's being filmed in AUSTIN!


APPLESSED: japanese Trailer. Incredible Animation

| | I'm behind on my Anime watching. I think Witch Hunter Robin started running on Toonami. Random Fact: I have deep love for Anime. I grew up on the stuff. I watched it dubbed in spanish all through my childhood. Vintage ones I remember the most: Cobra, Tresure Island, Mazinger Z , One about Don Quixote , and one about an orphan boy in France. | |

Nellie Mckay + RS

[ Rolling Stone Apperance # 1 ] Below, apperance #2:


Nellie McKay Get Away From Me (Columbia) - Rolling Stone

The hype on Nellie McKay is unbelievable -- an unknown nineteen-year-old songwriting, piano-playing phenom signed after a handful of gigs whose major-label debut is a double album -- until you listen to her music. McKay is that rare performer whose talent is irrefutable. It explodes out of the CD in a torrent of musical styles -- from Tin Pan Alley to hip-hop -- and politicized, self-immolating lyrics so funny and provocative that they belie her age. Legendary Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick harnesses McKay's wild gifts without stifling her. From the playful intro and reggae rhythm of "David," to the white-girl rapping of "Sari," to the disco symphony of "Waiter," to the ironic torch song "I Wanna Get Married," McKay glitters, snarls and purrs all in the same breath. With stylish jazz vocal and piano, she creates the perfect mythical New York scene where muggers and moms with kids pass in the thick sunlight on "Manhattan Avenue" (the Harlem block where McKay grew up). She contemplates "happy pill or suicide" before imploring listeners to "Use the pain " in "Change the World," then uproariously declares "God I'm so German/Have to have a plan." Finally, a teenager who can articulate and a drama queen you can actually love. (MEREDITH OCHS)

Bonus: Nellie McKay: a lounge singer with moxie—and a message

Neil Notes { February }


I walked into my local comic book shop and nostalgia took over when I saw one of my favorite books (Angels and Visitations) in the area where they showcase new items. I picked it up and saw that it was in its sixth printing. Amazon had led me to believe this book was out of print (with used ones starting at $59). I'm here to say it's out there and it is damn good. I have a scan somewhere of my signed copy, a prized possession. It also reminded (because Neil thanks Lenny Henry in one of his books, me thinks) that one certain British comedy ( Chef ) is not out on DVD here in the states and I feel like watching it. I miss the PBS station in Dallas, they're loaded and have all the good shows on.

+ Video Interview with Neil about Endless Nights


A fine Friday, new shirt, lots of new bootlegs, a test of my upcoming "Live Tracks" Mix, my friend Sara May is coming over for the weekend, and best news of all: Apple came through and will be sending me a new laptop next week.

DVD Pet Peeve

First it was Focus Features with the DVD for "Swimming Pool", in which you have to fast foward through 14 minutes of Trailers to get the Main Menu. BAD, BAD! Now it's Paramount with the DVD for "School Of Rock": instead of letting you just go to the main menu, there's a Menu before the Main Menu giving you the option to go the Main Menu Or watch Previews. WTF! Just gimmie the damn Main Menu already, if I want to watch the crummy ass trailer for Ben Affleck's latest junky movie, I'll be sure to find it myself somewhere After the Main Menu.

Eurotrip is so wrong

Went to a screening of Eurotip last night and I am not afraid to admit I loved this movie. This movie is completely inappropriate and wrong but very fun. I guess they picked the right time to put it out b/c people are too worked up about the passion of Christ to care about the offensive Catholic humor in this one. btw: this part from the commercial was not in the movie. I find it annoying when tv trailers have scenes that are not in the movie. Did Tim Roth ever say "Bring me the spaceman!" like he did on the commercials for "Planet of The Apes"? I can't remember. Stay till the end for a cameo by absolutely fabulous's Patsy ( Joanna Lumley )

DualDiscs + R.E.M

I totally dig DVD-Audio so I'm liking this, with the exception that there's no U2 out yet. I wonder what Jeff Buckley's "Eternal Life" would soundlike in 5.1.

A double play from Sony

"One side is a standard audio CD. The other side offers DVD content. This may include enhanced album audio, 5.1 surround sound, music videos, artist interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, documentary films, photo galleries, lyrics, computer-ready digital song files and Web links. It all depends on the artist."

CD/DVD-Audio Flip Disc Titles Being Test Marketed, February 2004

This is just like that Kathleen Edwards CD/DVD single that COMPLETELY BROKE MY APPLE LAPTOP, but I've learned my lesson.

Valentines 04


Set List for Mix CD all the right girls got:
My Baby Just Cares For me - Nona Simone
Won't U Please B Nice  - Nellie Mckay
I Belive In A Thing Called Love - Edson
Simply Irresistable - rilo kiley
It's a Man's World - James Brown
Never Tear Us Apart - Tom Jones + Natalie I.
Teenage Love Song - rilo kiley
I throw my toys around -  No Doubt + Elvis Costello
Let's Play Life - Wally Pleasant 
Maps - yeah yeah yeahs
Love is everywhere I go - Sam Phillips
Touch Me With your love - Beth Orton
Beautiful - Rosey
Endlessly - Muse
So Alive - Ryan Adams
Lost At Sea - Eisley
Sea of Love - Cat Power
Nothing Compares To U - S. O'Connor
I touch myself - The Bens
Pour Some Sugar On Me - Emm Grynner
Here's to Love - Ewan McG.+ Rene Z.

Muse comes to the US

" Warner has album #2 coming from Muse. The album will be known as Absolution. It streets on March 23 "

As a side note

" Fans of the Kill Bill soundtrack will be able to get Volume 2 in their hands on March 30 from Maverick Records. "


" March 30, we note the following expected releases: Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - The Videos - Rhino Home Video "

Lou's Animal Serenade

+ Maybe Loud should of been in Kill Bill.

+ Lou's The Raven - Net Version


Recorded at The Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles as part of last year's world tour, 'Animal Serenade' captures formed Velvet Underground frontman Lou Reed at his inimitable best with material ranging from his hugely influential work with The Velvet Underground ('Heroin', 'All Tomorrow's Parties', 'Venus In Furs') right up to extracts from 2003's widely acclaimed 'The Raven'. Many of the tracks featured on 'Animal Serenade' have never appeared on any of his prior live albums, such as 'Set The Twilight Reeling', 'Ecstasy' and 'Vanishing Act'.

'Animal Serenade' was mixed by Nick Launay (Nick Cave, Talking Heads, Silverchair) and ranks on a par with his 1974 live album 'Rock 'n' Roll Animal' which is widely considered to be one of the best live albums ever released.

Lou Reed's world tour encompassed over 60 shows and covered America, Europe, Canada, Australia and Japan to a combined audience of hundreds of thousands.

Animal Serenade hits record shops on March 22nd

[ Lost In Translation ] New Photos

Added new photos to the LIT album.

'Lost' Finds Fans in Video Stores, Theaters
Tue February 10, 2004 02:43 AM ET
By Brett Sporich
LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - The DVD for Oscar-nominated arthouse hit "Lost in Translation" has topped the 1 million sales mark after its first week in release, even as the film continues to play well at the box office.

"Even with the film still being in theaters, the DVD has sold through at an incredibly high rate at retail,"
Universal Studios Home Video president Craig Kornblau said Monday.

"This unprecedented release pattern, both in theaters and on DVD, demonstrates that for this title, the market can robustly sustain both releases by capitalizing on the incredible awareness among audiences."

Four Oscar nominations and three Golden Globe awards, including a best actor win for Bill Murray, have generated vast publicity for the film. Ticket sales were boosted by an estimated $2.2 million during the weekend to $40 million.

"Lost," also starring Scarlett Johansson, sold more than 350,000 DVD units or about 21% of its initial shipment of 1.5 million discs to retailers during its first 24 hours on store shelves across the country.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter
[ source: AreYouAwake.org Forum ]


I am extremely pissed off. I've had my e-mail adress since 2000 and I'm about to have to change it because someone, I don't know WHO, had me in their Adressbook and got a virus. Since last Friday I've been getting tons of Mailer-Deamon's a day from failed attempts at using my e-mail server to send infected mail. For God's sake, VIRUS CHECK your damn computer you cretins! and remove me from your god damn adress book you fiends. Thank You

* UPDATE* Here's a sampling of the e-mail adresses that have been attempted by this virus, msybe someone will recognize these:

+ if you are gulilty, don't be scared. tell me. these things happen. F U to the virus creator! he/she is going Straight to hell!


found via largeheartedboy, one of The Dopest sites ever for music links. I can't begin to express the intense joy I've received from all the great music I've found through there. Anyways, sharing the joy:

For Lepard - [ yo la tengo ] , For Sally - [ David Bowie ] , For Swinney - [ shellac ] , For Chepo - [ Foo Fighters ] , For Joanna - [ Ed Harcourt] , For Tim - [ Suede ] , For Mojo - [ tori amos ], For Gabylicious - [ Dave Matthews and Friends ] , For Kim - [ theCure, For Neil - [ John Cale ] , For Sarah K - [ Joseph Arthur ] , For Sushiesque - [ emm gryner], For Tony C. - [ Radiohead ] , For Jiltron [ Beck ] , For Rachel [ Ben Lee ]

[ Nabokov ] reads from "Lolita"

Wanted, wanted: Dolores Haze.
Hair: brown. Lips: scarlet.
Age: five thousand three hundred days.
Profession: none, or "starlet"
Where are you hiding, Dolores Haze?
Why are you hiding, darling?
(I Talk in a daze, I walk in a maze
I cannot get out, said the starling).
Where are you riding, Dolores Haze?
What make is the magic carpet?
Is a Cream Cougar the present craze?
And where are you parked, my car pet?
Who is your hero, Dolores Haze?

[ Nabokov Reads - Mp3 ]