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Nostalgia is a Disease

All month nostalgia seized me. I kept thinking of spring of 1994 and after I cleaned out my box of letters I actually found movie ticket stubbs from that particular time. I wish I had found my Pulp Fiction ticket, I totally remember that night.



Finding the box of letters made me miss actually receiving them. Pre-Internet boom times were so..tactile.

I realized that last week marked exactly five years since I moved to Austin, and funny enough all week I was thinking about leaving. I was in a funk.

Frank Miller's SIN CITY Movie Update

SIN CITY UPDATE [ JUNE 09] "Michael Madsen and Alexis Bledel have signed on to star in director Robert Rodriguez's SIN CITY. Madsen will play Bob, the partner to Bruce Willis's 'Hartigan' in "That Yellow Bastard", while it is thought that Bledel will play 'Becky' in "The Big Fat Kill".


Variety reports that Robert Rodriguez has closed his cast on "Sin City" by adding Benicio Del Toro and Clive Owen to the Dimension Films ensemble project. The noir drama is divided into three chapters named for titles in the Miller series: "Sin City," "That Yellow Bastard" and "The Big Fat Kill." Del Toro and Owen will be seen in the last segment, along with Brittany Murphy. Rodriguez hopes to draft Quentin Tarantino's assistance in directing the final chapter. The film cast also includes Bruce Willis, Josh Hartnett, Mickey Rourke, Nick Stahl, Jessica Alba, Elijah Wood, Carla Gugino, Jaime King and Marley Shelton. Likewise, you can see the Entertainment Tonight clip in glorious QuickTime at The Movie Box
[ source ]

[ UPDTE: APRIL 19th ]



I'm getting many hits on the Sin City movie post, so let me do a follow up:

List of approached actors/rumoured casting who could be coming to Austin to be in the SIN CITY film:

Johnny Depp
Leonardo DiCaprio
Bruce Willis
Elijah Wood
Mickey Rourke
Brittany Murphy
Kate Bosworth
Jaime King
Christopher Walken
Michael Douglas
Benicio Del Toro
Maria Bello

Variety reports that the film starts shooting on sound stages in Austin, Texas on Monday. Also , Rodriguez plans to have Quentin Tarantino direct part of the film. Mickey Rourke will anchor the story segment that will begin shooting Monday.
Sources: + AICN, + SH , a good Sin City Fan Site

FCC, Bono, Stern

FCC Cites Stern, Bono for Indecency

By JONATHAN D. SALANT, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - Federal regulators continued their crackdown on indecency Thursday, issuing a fine for a broadcast of the Howard Stern radio show and ruling that an expletive uttered by rock singer Bono on NBC violated broadcast standards.

The Federal Communications Commission proposed fining Infinity Broadcasting the maximum $27,500 for a Stern show broadcast on WKRK-FM in Detroit.

The FCC also overruled its staff and said that Bono's expletive during the 2003 Golden Globe Awards program was indecent and profane, but issued no fine.

FCC Chairman Michael Powell had asked his fellow commissioners to overturn the FCC enforcement bureau's finding.

The FCC also proposed fining a subsidiary of Clear Channel Communications $55,000 for a broadcast on two Florida radio stations where the host conducted an interview with a couple allegedly having sex.

The fines are the latest in a stepped-up campaign by the FCC to crack down on indecency. Critics have said the commission failed to aggressively enforce rules, leading to a coarsening of the airwaves.

Federal law bars radio stations and over-the-air television channels from airing references to sexual and excretory functions between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m., when children may be tuning in. The rules do not apply to cable and satellite channels or satellite radio.

The FCC received hundreds of complaints about the Golden Globes broadcast after Bono, the lead singer of the Irish rock group U2, said, "This is really, really, f------ brilliant."

The enforcement bureau said last October that Bono's comment was not indecent or obscene because he did not use the word to describe a sexual act. "The performer used the word ... as an adjective or expletive to emphasize an exclamation," the bureau said.

To avoid a repeat incident, NBC aired this year's Golden Globes broadcast on a 10-second delay. ABC did the same with its telecast of the Academy Awards show.

Hellboy Screening

"You can learn about humanity from watching monster movies. If you want to learn about monsters you can tune in to CNN"

And with those words (as I rememeber them), director Gillermo Del Toro introduced his excellent new movie "Hellboy". Its a cool comic book adaptation with funny lines and great action sort of flick.

Online Hellboy comics: The Corpse , The Wolves of Saint Augustus

Kronen is one creepy F%@ker

+ HotButton Review

DVD gazing

Something's Gotta Give: Best part of this dvd is having the Spider-Man 2 trailer in sorrund sound. I'm still bitter about Scarlett Johansson losing to Diane Keaton at the Golden Globes.

The Matrix Revolutions: I could not even get through a second viewing, I just skipped to the Superman vs Captain Marvel like fight at the end. All the cool flying reminds me of Dark City. Did anyone else notice the homage to Akira's Neo-Tokyo explosion? Anyways, this movie just proves again what a colossal fluke The Matrix was. I am curious about their screenplay for Alan Moore's "V for Vendetta" and what their next movie is going to be. As far as the extras, I am midly interested in the Matrix Online game that's hyped on here.

21 Grams: Director Alejandro González Iñárritu is 2 for 2 as far as making films about loss and suffering. This movie is sort of like an acutely depressing Pulp Fiction (style-wise). I would of much rather have seen Sean Penn win an Oscar for this. Naomi Watts will forever be Jet Girl in my heart.

Next one I'm watching is Cheaper By The Dozen, although I may feel like watching some serious Steve Martin, as in The Spanish Prisoner.

Things that cheered me up this week

Nellie McKay on Whole Wide World with Rita Houston




LIT Scarlett Poster came in the mail. Hot.


Too many new magazines.


A co-worker won an iTunes song on his Pepsi and gave it to me. I got a Norah Jones song.


I was in a crummy mood on Monday and I cought an episode of the [ chappelle's show ] and all was better afterwards.

( chapelle show Slate Article) I saw the above icon here.

And to end such a great streak, I'll go see Spoon tomorrow night.

Deleted Post

A dumb thing happened. For a week now I've noticed on my stats that some people were coming here to a specific old entry from searches in all sorts of search engines. Creeps and Perverts were coming to this entry because I had a picture from the movie "The Virgin Suicides" named virgin.jpg. Since it didn't stop I've deleted the post and I'm trying to get rid of the picture but for some reason I can't overwrite it. I'll get some typepad support on that.

Offending Entry: