Welcome Back, Frank

The less I write, the more you know

+ " Nellie McKay wants to be Cole Porter and Avril Lavigne – all at once. " Austin Chronicle Review

+ EISLEY WINS BIG IN DALLAS - 2004 Dallas Observer Music Awards

+ Metroid Prime 2 = Multiplayer [ Scans ]

+ If you already drink V8 why not try some A9?

+ Fact: If you own episodes of Jem and The Holograms, chicks will throw themselves at you.

+ Movies that remind me about Spring 1994: The Crow and Reality Bites ( Anniversary Edition coming soon )

+ Mary-Kate and Ashley's HIP PICKS

+ Quentin Tarantino's bloody revenge tale "Kill Bill-Vol. 1," starring Uma Thurman, sold more than 2 million DVDs during its first day in release, according to studio executives. [ Source ]

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