Love is Hell
By Jane Hirshfield

Playlist: April Mix

I'm not good at not getting what I want (Sophie Ellis-Bexton)
"But I know that there are some who have it all I want to join them"
Phonecall 45 (Emm Gryner)
"I don't need another friend maybe you do"
Accused (The Delgados)
"Let me take advantage of your whims"
Wonderful (Adam Ant)
"I miss you yes I do"
The Twilight Showdown (Starlight Mints)
"Fighting with his eyes, combusted"
Love and Destroy (Franz Ferdinand)
"I'm here with you at midnight, I forget about living alone"
Elevator Love Letter (Stars)
"I'm so hard for a rich girl"
Here I Dreamt I was an Architect (Decemberists)
"and here in spain i am a spaniard"
Do You Realize (Beck cover)
"It's hard to make the good things last"
Everybodys gotta learn sometime (Beck)
"Change your heart, it will astound you"
Light and Day (The Polyphonic Spree)
"You don't see me flyin to the red"
Mood Indigo (Nina Simone)
"I'm just a poor fool that's bluer than blue can be"
Wonderwall (Ryan Adams)
"I'm sure you've heard it all before"
Wurlitzer Prize (Norah Jones cover)
"I haunt the same places we used to go"
You mustn't Kick It Around (Erin McKeown cover)
"Don't let a good fellow go to waste"
New Resolution (postalserviceremix) (Azure Ray)
"I won't forget i won't forget the way you said Move on"
She Loves You So Hard (Cat Power)
"The wonder the person to have you cannot"
They Don't Know ( Ben Gibbard cover )
"maybe I could leave you but I don't know how"
If There Is A Chance (The Cardigans)
"the music's playin on, but somethings wrong, somethings gone"
November (Azure Ray)
"So these lighter days can soon begin"

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