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Forget Her

[ Jeff Buckley - Forget Her (demo?) ]

Some info on this song here:

But young Buckley felt the album wasn't quite ready – hadn't quite been cooked enough. In fact, he decided "Forget Her" needed to come off the album. He thought it sucked and he hated it. But Columbia smelled a hit song, and wasn't about to let it get away from them. Battles ensued, Buckley allegedly cried his heart out, and Berkowitz decided to err on the side of an artist making a creative statement rather than on the side of commerce, and the song came off.

This song is finally going to be officially released in the new remastered "Grace: Legacy Edition" [ Via Burned By The Sun ]

Sally Mann

I've always liked this picture by Sally Mann that I saw in an issue of Entertainment Weekly, but never did know what the story behind it was. Turns out that its a photo of her daughter. When you click on the image it takes you to a page that has an audio clip of Sally giving a lecture.

Today's WTF Moment: The Parents' Empowerment Act

{ London News Review: "The Parents' Empowerment Act: finding the porn in Harry Potter" }

"a Republican Congressman called Duncan Hunter is pushing for new legislation to discourage anyone from saying anything that might upset a child. How can this be done without censorship? By suing everyone, of course!"

{ The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund warns of a sweeping censorship bill }

Playlist {The semi autobiographical one}

Make Up - Elefant
"I see you smile and turn your head You lift your arms and grab the bed"
I Like You - Morrissey
"You're not right in the head, and nor am I, This is why I like you"
Have Mercy - Loretta Lynn
"Please have a little heart"
I'm in love with a girl - Big Star
"All that a man should do is true I didn't know this could happen to me"
Don't get me wrong - The Pretenders
"I might be great tomorrow But hopeless yesterday"
I'm sticking with you - Velvet Underground
"But with you by my side I can do anything"
Someone else - Superheroes
"I know she wants someone else I can tell it by the way she holds me"
Murder me rachael - The Nationals
"I saw my love with pretty boy"
I Heard It Through The Grapevine - Marvin Gaye
"You could have told me yourself, That you love someone else "
I had you - Novisplit
"Tell yourself more lies that make you feel ok"
This Is Not My Life - Fastball
"This is not my face, This is not my place, no it's just isn't right"
Make Me Mad - Dulcie Younger
"howl at the moon and send you crying"
Already Over Me - The Rolling Stones
"I'm your man Not your fool"
Lay me down - The Frames
"I will write you letters that explain the way I'm thinking now"
Now that I miss her - elefant
"When I said goodbye, I knew that I lost her"
We Will Still Need a Song - Hawksley Workman
"And maybe anger is your only choice"
So sad about us - The Who
"suppose we'll never make up"
Come With Me Tonight - Bob Schneider
"smooth as 151"
Don't be crushed - Hawksley Workman
"Don't be broken, even if you're broken"
So What - Ani DiFranco
"who were you then that you thought somehow you could just pretend"
Your Face - The Frames
"I know something about you, something about the things you do"

Questions, You'll answer, I'll read.

Once I had a penpal named Jade. I lost touch with her who knows when, but I'll never forget the questions she sent me shortly after our correspondace began:

Are you religous? If mother theresa was an agnostic and still did everything she has done where would she go when she died?

Age mentally and physically.

Do you believe in determinsim or free will? Why?

Do you are with Heideggar that we are all born into a facticle situation in which we must embrace our situation as inconceivable that it be something else and move on from there--that everything that has happened in your life to this point had to happen and it could be no other way and accept and take full responsiblity for as actions in your life? Why?

Do you perceive yourself more as the ubermensh (Nietz.) or the knight of faith (Kierkeggard) if those were your only options? Why?

Do you think the good of government should supercede the good of the republic? Why?

What is the one thing you want to accomplish in this life?

Do you think humanity will survive another two thousand years? Why?

What experience in your life has had the singlemost impact on who you've become?

What is your philosophy on life?

What do you want to be remembered for?

How do you perceive society at large, women and their role in society, men and their role in society, and minorities and their respective role in society?

Based on the addictions of most great artists, writers, poets, musicians etc., do you think it's possible to become a great visionary of your art without external inducements? Why? (i.e. Jimmy Hendrix, Edgar Allen Poe, Kurt Cobain, William Borroughs, Henry Miller etc.)

PJ Harvey's New Video


pjharvey.net has the video for "The Letter". Reminds me of the old days of weird videos late on Sunday night on "120 Minutes".

PJ Harvey from Deng magazine [ via http://pj.reeling.net/ ] :

We know how you feel about the icons of the sixties & the seventies, but what's your take on the younger genration: Pink & the lot..? Honestly, I don't think of them at all. I don't feel any emotion. I don't feel respect. I couldn't care less. For, Madonna I'm willing to make an exception. She's been a catalyst for a lot of things. And what she does, she always does exceptionally well. I feel a lot of admiration and respect for the way she's able to re-invent herself every time. But her music doesn't really touch me. The only women of my generation who I consider to be soulmates are Björk and Tori Amos. We call each other a lot and from time to time we hang out. We even have a name: the strange women of rock.

Q Magazine Four Star Review [ Scan Here ]

In the mood for a sequel


I'm a fan of Kar Wai Wong's "Chungking Express" and "Fallen Angels". "In The Mood For Love" was a little slow for me in parts. I'm a sucker for any Zhang Ziyi movie though.

" 2046's story picks up right by the end of In The Mood For Love: after Su Lizhen (Maggie Cheung) leaves, Zhou Muyun (Leung Chiu-Wai) becomes a very lonely writer. He meets a prostitute (Zhang Ziyi) and spends a night with her at room 2046, the very same room he had an affair with Su Lizhen. Then he starts writing a novel called 2046, in which he reunites with Su Lizhen. Chang Chen and Lau Kar-Ling play a couple of lovers; Wong Yaye and Kimura Takuya plays a pair of robot lovers. They are all characters in the book, and they are all from the future... "

[ Other films in competition for the prestigious Palme d'Or of the 2004 ]