"Pussy Wagon"
Neil Gaiman reads "Song of the Audience"

Questions, You'll answer, I'll read.

Once I had a penpal named Jade. I lost touch with her who knows when, but I'll never forget the questions she sent me shortly after our correspondace began:

Are you religous? If mother theresa was an agnostic and still did everything she has done where would she go when she died?

Age mentally and physically.

Do you believe in determinsim or free will? Why?

Do you are with Heideggar that we are all born into a facticle situation in which we must embrace our situation as inconceivable that it be something else and move on from there--that everything that has happened in your life to this point had to happen and it could be no other way and accept and take full responsiblity for as actions in your life? Why?

Do you perceive yourself more as the ubermensh (Nietz.) or the knight of faith (Kierkeggard) if those were your only options? Why?

Do you think the good of government should supercede the good of the republic? Why?

What is the one thing you want to accomplish in this life?

Do you think humanity will survive another two thousand years? Why?

What experience in your life has had the singlemost impact on who you've become?

What is your philosophy on life?

What do you want to be remembered for?

How do you perceive society at large, women and their role in society, men and their role in society, and minorities and their respective role in society?

Based on the addictions of most great artists, writers, poets, musicians etc., do you think it's possible to become a great visionary of your art without external inducements? Why? (i.e. Jimmy Hendrix, Edgar Allen Poe, Kurt Cobain, William Borroughs, Henry Miller etc.)

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