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a-licious is one lovely and swell girl and today it is her birthday. Actually I call her "evil little woman" most of the time. Here are some choice quotes from conversations with her:

Me: Why don't you get massage?
Her: I want a tranqulizer and I want to leave the planet.

I said: I'm making Valentine mixes for my ladyfriends
she said: "ladyfriends"? what are you, 80? ladyfriends? hahahahaha

J: I heard you only have Strawberry Shortcake underwear?
a-licious: I wish!

A: "stop!, I'm laughing so hard my heart hurts"

A: "Next thing I know I woke up naked with cookies on me"

Fables: March of the Wooden Soldiers


Usually "Fables" is a must read on the day it comes out kind of book, but circumstances were such that I waited until I had collected the complete storyline to read it. I finished it last night and as usual it did not dissapoint. I was most happy to see Rose Red show up. The book is just a joy to read. A big "bravo" to Mark Buckingham and Bill Willingham.

Cover artist James Jean has some sort of Art+Text project going on that is right up my alley.

Scarlett's Summer Project

Scarlett and Woody on the set of his next unfunny movie.

Woody Allen Summer Project
Cast: Woody Allen ( was in some movie with Jasson Biggs and Christina Ricci that no one saw ), Brian Cox ( was the bad guy in X2 ), Scarlett Johansson ( will be a voice in the SpongeBob SquarePants movie), Jonathan Rhys-Meyers ( was in Velvet Goldmine ).

Today's WTF moment

Dear "I love the 90's" could you be more lame? "Quantum Leap" did not start in 1993, it started in 1989 you @#!! morons! Makes me wonder what else they got wrong...oh yah, "Jagged Little Pill" came out in 1995 and I don't remember "You Oughta Know" taking a year to break, I thought it was a summer hit single, so try again "I love 1996". Now I just want to watch to see all their errors.

Wolf's Rain

I guess this show already ran on Cartoon Network and I totally missed it. Over the weekend I saw the first DVD volume and now I'm hooked. I had high hopes since it features music by Yoko Kanno and comes from Bandai, home of Cowboy Bebop.

[ Evangelion Soundtracks ]


I found one of my favorite pieces of classical music through an anime called Neon Genesis: Evangelion.

[ Childhood Memories, Shut Away - Evangelion: Death ]

The above is a very short version, so here's a full version of it by Yo-Yo Ma.

[ Bach: Suite for Cello Solo No.1 - Yo-Yo Ma ]

As a side note there's this very sad sounding piano version of "Fly Me To The Moon".

[ The sorrow of losing the object of one's dependence - Evangelion: Original Soundtrack III ]

Year One


It was a year ago today that I got the invitation to join the Typepad beta and this here page started. Thanks to it I've met swell people like Kim, Tim, Mojo, Kasia and Christine. 'nuff said.

While we wait for Want Two

Rufus: Waiting For A Want EP

Note from Rufus: Just finished a couple of fantastic evenings of Leonard Cohen songs in Brighton, England. Got to hug Nick Cave's tiny waist and kiss Beth Orton's luscious lips. Met Jarvis Cocker and realized I should be dating a nerd.

Ok so let me get this straight, all of these people did a concert covering Cohen and I missed it? Shoot me now. If there's a bootleg please tell me. Thank You.



Animated_Type_PrintMagazineI don't know about you but the Marvel logo that appears before their movie adaptations is awesome. Here's an article about the motion artist who created it and the agency he works for.

While we're at it: USA Today's first look at the Elektra movie. Bigger version of the picture.