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a-licious is one lovely and swell girl and today it is her birthday. Actually I call her "evil little woman" most of the time. Here are some choice quotes from conversations with her:

Me: Why don't you get massage?
Her: I want a tranqulizer and I want to leave the planet.

I said: I'm making Valentine mixes for my ladyfriends
she said: "ladyfriends"? what are you, 80? ladyfriends? hahahahaha

J: I heard you only have Strawberry Shortcake underwear?
a-licious: I wish!

A: "stop!, I'm laughing so hard my heart hurts"

A: "Next thing I know I woke up naked with cookies on me"

Fables: March of the Wooden Soldiers


Usually "Fables" is a must read on the day it comes out kind of book, but circumstances were such that I waited until I had collected the complete storyline to read it. I finished it last night and as usual it did not dissapoint. I was most happy to see Rose Red show up. The book is just a joy to read. A big "bravo" to Mark Buckingham and Bill Willingham.

Cover artist James Jean has some sort of Art+Text project going on that is right up my alley.

Scarlett's Summer Project

Scarlett and Woody on the set of his next unfunny movie.

Woody Allen Summer Project
Cast: Woody Allen ( was in some movie with Jasson Biggs and Christina Ricci that no one saw ), Brian Cox ( was the bad guy in X2 ), Scarlett Johansson ( will be a voice in the SpongeBob SquarePants movie), Jonathan Rhys-Meyers ( was in Velvet Goldmine ).

Today's WTF moment

Dear "I love the 90's" could you be more lame? "Quantum Leap" did not start in 1993, it started in 1989 you @#!! morons! Makes me wonder what else they got wrong...oh yah, "Jagged Little Pill" came out in 1995 and I don't remember "You Oughta Know" taking a year to break, I thought it was a summer hit single, so try again "I love 1996". Now I just want to watch to see all their errors.

Wolf's Rain

I guess this show already ran on Cartoon Network and I totally missed it. Over the weekend I saw the first DVD volume and now I'm hooked. I had high hopes since it features music by Yoko Kanno and comes from Bandai, home of Cowboy Bebop.

[ Evangelion Soundtracks ]


I found one of my favorite pieces of classical music through an anime called Neon Genesis: Evangelion.

[ Childhood Memories, Shut Away - Evangelion: Death ]

The above is a very short version, so here's a full version of it by Yo-Yo Ma.

[ Bach: Suite for Cello Solo No.1 - Yo-Yo Ma ]

As a side note there's this very sad sounding piano version of "Fly Me To The Moon".

[ The sorrow of losing the object of one's dependence - Evangelion: Original Soundtrack III ]

While we wait for Want Two

Rufus: Waiting For A Want EP

Note from Rufus: Just finished a couple of fantastic evenings of Leonard Cohen songs in Brighton, England. Got to hug Nick Cave's tiny waist and kiss Beth Orton's luscious lips. Met Jarvis Cocker and realized I should be dating a nerd.

Ok so let me get this straight, all of these people did a concert covering Cohen and I missed it? Shoot me now. If there's a bootleg please tell me. Thank You.