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Amazon dot com, a place for storytelling

It turns out that Reivews is as good a place as any to be creative and funny. My pal Chris passed this link on.

My favorite so far:

Spider-Man Ready Bed Hey Steffanie, Thanks For Kicking Me Out, July 22, 2004 So basically my dumb girlfriend found out that at one point before we were really serious, I had taken some photos of her while she was asleep, which most women would think was seriously charming and awesome, by the way Steffanie. But anyways, I had literally no bed to sleep in so I snuck back into the house and stole her kid from a previous relationship's Spider-Man Ready Bed. It was sweet as hell. Good sleeping the whole night through. My entire body was kept so warm and comfortable that I kept it and that's what I sleep on in my new place. That's right Steffanie in my NEW PLACE.

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