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Darko Mania

Since I saw the Director's Cut last night I'm now once again obsessed with the film. Reading....

+ Cellar Door

+ Barbelith's FAQ

+ Theories and Explanations

+ Back to the Future Darkly

+ Lucid Assembly: Richard Kelly on 'Donnie Darko: The Director's Cut'

Watching DD at a movie theatre never gets old. From the reaction to the funny dialogue from people who've never seen it to the Jet Engine falling and the sound design. Initially I saw DD as a Divx download and was lucky to live near a theatre that re-released it theatrically about a month before the DVD came out.

Mr. Kelly's next film is Southland Tales. As you can click, already there's a spooky website in place. Interesting cast: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Seann William Scottm, Jason Lee, Ali Larter, Tim Blake Nelson, Amy Poehler, Janeane Garofalo and Kevin Smith.

+ "Southland Tales" (2005)

Storie di ordinaria follia

I can't seem to find any pictures to the VHS cover I rented years ago of "Tales of Ordinary Madness". It said something about being banned and winning awards etc. etc. I was unaware that it is now on DVD. I've yet to meet a Bukowski fan or hipster who's seen it. The part of the film I remember the most is our protagonist going to work at an office with a six pack and throwing beer cans over his cubicle. I remember this film being shocking in parts and intense. I shall revisit at some point after reading the book.

Esquire ( June 1997 )


Not taking into account magazine covers like this one, this is one hell of a magazine cover. It can easily be outdone if Esquire can get Thomas Pynchon and J.D. Salinger to pose together.

"The silence of a writer is not quite the same as the silence of God, but there's something analoguous: an awe-inspiring creator, someone who we belive has some answersof somekind, refusing to respond to us, hidding his face, withholding his creation" Ron Rosenbaum, "The Man In The Glass House", Esquire - June `97.

Amazon dot com, a place for storytelling


It turns out that Amazon.com Reivews is as good a place as any to be creative and funny. My pal Chris passed this link on.

My favorite so far:

Spider-Man Ready Bed Hey Steffanie, Thanks For Kicking Me Out, July 22, 2004 So basically my dumb girlfriend found out that at one point before we were really serious, I had taken some photos of her while she was asleep, which most women would think was seriously charming and awesome, by the way Steffanie. But anyways, I had literally no bed to sleep in so I snuck back into the house and stole her kid from a previous relationship's Spider-Man Ready Bed. It was sweet as hell. Good sleeping the whole night through. My entire body was kept so warm and comfortable that I kept it and that's what I sleep on in my new place. That's right Steffanie in my NEW PLACE.

I was born in San Juan and I'm here to represent


I'm sure my dad is elated by Puerto Rico's Olympic Basketball win last night. I didn't even know about it until I read it in Whatevs:

" first things first. while I can firmly grasp the notion that our United States Basketball team made up of NBA All-Stars is so durst that even Puerto Rico can trounce them by almost 20 points, i'm having trouble understanding why Puerto Rico is considered a sovereign state and is eligible to field a team in the first place. don't we own them or something??? puerto rico's independence ... some say best revelation of the 2004 Olympics to date! "

+ The Independent chimes in: Revenge of America's poor relations: After more than a century at the bottom of the US heap, Puerto Rico has finally turned the tables. Andrew Buncombe reports on a basketball match that inspired a nation

".... Puerto Rico resembles a US state. The US federal government is in charge of foreign relations, defence, the postal service as well as customs and immigration. Puerto Ricans are US citizens and would be eligible for the military draft, should it be reintroduced. (Huge numbers of Puerto Ricans already volunteer for the military.) But while Puerto Rico sends a member to the US House of Representatives, that representative - just like the representative from Washington, DC - cannot vote, its citizens do not pay federal taxes and, of crucial importance, Puerto Ricans are not allowed to vote in the US presidential elections."



It's a good month to like Superman. First the Birthrightseries ended in way that made me like it more than I did originally. Then this weekend, the new Justice League Unlimited Cartoon Network series, adapted Alan Moore's story "For the Man Who Has Everything" and it was a great episode, not as lame as the first one. Personally I'm looking forwards to the Booster Gold episode because I totally remember getting his series when I was a kid. Anyways, all this Superman talk reminds me of the time Chepo and I drove to San Antonio to see the restored Superman:The Movie at a movie theatre before the DVD came out. Good times.
+ Salon: The man who invented the future
+ Comics Continuum JLU update