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Tom Waits and Angry Flowers

[ Automatic Baby - One ]

George Bush Presidential Library and Museum: Remarks to the Community in Bowling Green, Ohio,September 26, 1992

So Governor Clinton doesn't think foreign policy is important. But anyway, he's trying to catch up. You may have seen this in the news. He was in Hollywood, seeking foreign policy advice from the rock group U2. Now, understand, I have nothing against U2. You may not know this, but they tried to call me at the White House every night during their concert. But the next time we face a foreign policy crisis, I will work with John Major and Boris Yeltsin. And Bill Clinton can consult Boy George. I'll stay with the experts.


January 20, 1993: Automatic Baby's one-night stand

Larry Mullen and Adam Clayton join forces with R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe and Mike Mills to perform "One" at the MTV 1993 Rock N Roll Inaugural Ball for newly-elected U.S. President Bill Clinton. The musicians name themselves "Automatic Baby" for the night, using their own band's recent releases as inspiration (Automatic for the People and Achtung Baby).

[ Automatic Baby - One ]

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