I Luv Halloween


The above is from a card I got from my #1 fan. I even got a Donnie Darko pen! You are jealous and you know it. Been partying up all weekend with my pals. The girls were good and evil and my buddy was Ed from "Shaun of the Dead". My friend Chad had a noose around his neck and a shirt that said "I voted": He was a hanging chad.

I don't know why "I Luv Halloween" didn't come out, but I like the art.

As far as scary movie watching, I'm going to watch The Kingdom II. A few Halloweens ago there was a Kingdom marathon at a local theatre and it was great. I think they alternate between The Kingdom and Twin Peaks. At one point there were rumours of a Criterion DVD edition of The Kindgom. I wish it came true.

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