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U2 here, U2 there

" I'm going nowhere
Where I am it is a lot of fun
They're in the desert to dismantle an atomic bomb "

+ Rolling Stone 4-star review ( My take: I detest "Love And Peace Or Else", I like "A Man And A Woman" xept for all that "little sister" absolute nonesense. "Yahweh" = worst U2 song ever.  I quite prefer "Fast Cars" as an album closer.
+ U2's 10 most underrated songs ( did this journalist read my mind? Missing from the list: "Dirty Day" )

piracy is terrorism?

John Ashcroft is gearing up for what he calls the "strongest, most aggressive legal assault against intellectual property crime in our nation's history". In a report issued in October, defense department officials labeled peer to peer networks a serious threat, which will require serious funding and FBI staff increases. Ashcroft has helped gain support for his initiative by tying piracy to terrorism. [ source ]

+ CNET News.com: Justice Dept. wants new anti piracy powers

My interest for some of the things the justice dept. wants to do is somewhere on the corner of  Fuck you and Go to Hell.

The day I met a Pulitzer Prize Winner

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Last Friday I had the change to meet Pulitzer Prize-winning Comic Book Artist Art Spiegelman and get his latest book signed. I wanted to bring along a New Yorker cover to get signed but didn't have a chance to dig through my magazine collection for one. Art informed me that there was a book collection I could get. Colleen was ecstatic. I was more subdued. It didn't seem like it was a bid deal to me but it was. I was the sort of teenager that explained to my teachers that comics were a valuable medium and used Maus as an example. I also made my favorite english teacher in high school read a graphic novel. Batman no less! I made her read "The Dark Knight Returns".

+ Review of "Comix 101," a lecture by Art Spiegelman
+ Austin Chronicle: Comics are art, Spiegelman notes in his panel-busting history lesson
+ TIME: Disaster Is My Muse
+ electroniciraq: Art Spiegelman, cartoonist for The New Yorker, resigns in protest at censorship
+ New Yoker: Re: Cover. How It Came to Be

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