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Time Out London Woman of the Year


Scarlett Johansson Speaks               
The actress updates us regarding 'Mission Impossible III'.

Scarlett Johansson may well be the busiest woman in showbiz. The luminous New Yorker starred in two of the year's most critically acclaimed movies ('Lost in Translation' and 'Girl With a Pearl Earring'), toured the world promoting them, became the face of Calvin Klein's new fragrance, and somehow found time to work on a further three high profile productions ('In Good Company' opposite Dennis Quaid, the as-yet-untitled new Woody Allen film, and an update of Oscar Wilde's 'Lady Windermere's Fan' entitled 'A Good Woman').

However, when talking exclusively to Time Out, it was a 2005 project that really got the actress excited, namely 'Mission Impossible III'.

It seems the much-delayed Tom Cruise-starring sequel will finally go into production in the autumn of next year, with 'Alias' creator JJ Abrams at the helm.

'It's been postponed till September while it's rewritten', Johannson explained, 'but I'm doing weapons training for it!'

'Just pulling a trigger is easy enough, but when you're loading your magazine and you have a machine gun and a handgun and a shotgun, and you're trying to figure out how to use them all… I'm being trained by someone who was in the special forces, so I get to know interesting stuff, like how they train the Iraqi army.'

Rather than playing the shrinking violet, or dull love interest then, it seems the young actress will indeed be firing guns, and lots of them from the sound of it.

Before that however, Johansson has to finish work on Michael Bay's 'The Island', opposite Ewan McGregor, and 'The Black Dahlia' a Brian De Palma directed adaptation of James Ellroy's brilliant crime novel.

All of which suggests that no matter how big a year 2004 was for the young actress, 2005 is all set to eclipse it in every way, shape and form.

John O'Connell's full interview with Scarlett Johansson appears in Time Out London December 21 2004 – January 5 2005. No. 1792/1793.

One more photo to celebrate:

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Personal Asian Cinema Fest


My apparent Asian Cinema fest continued last week with two films featuring Andy Lau; "House of Flying Daggers" and "Infernal Affairs III". I was pretty much unimpressed with Flying Daggers. I didn't care for it. It felt like a TV show. Like an old school Chinese soap opera drama with a few CGI flying daggers and fights thrown in. Sure it had some great costumes a few nice shots that felt like paintings but, eh. Infernal Affairs 3 on the other hand was great. I skipped watching Part 2 since its a prequel and I was more interested in what happened after the end of part 1. At the same time maybe it would of been better if they had left it alone since some aspectst of the ending were not really satisfying to me. Next on my list is "Spider Forest" since I was unlucky in getting Appleseed. I'm hoping Steam Boy comes out in the US soon.

Casshern goes Boom


I watched Casshern last night and while it contains amazing eye candy, it makes little sense and thus it lost me along the way. Take note Avi Arad and DC: this film has scenes that totally belong in an Iron Man or a Flash movie. Next movie I want to watch is Appleseed.

Trivia for Casshern

One of several films around the world that was produced almost entirely on a "digital backlot" (i.e. shot with the actors in front of blue/green-screens with all backgrounds added in post-production, a technique which has been used for TV, video and video game production for many years). Although which movie was shot first is debated, the other movies (released in 2004-05) include: Immortel (ad vitam) (2004), Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004), and Sin City (2005).

"I don't think in any language.."

Drawing by Siegfried Woldhek

"I don't think in any language. I think in images. I don't believe that people think in languages. They don't move their lips when they think. It is only a certain type of illiterate person who moves his lips as he reads or ruminates. No, I think in images, and now and then a Russian phrase or an English phrase will form with the foam of the brainwave, but that’s about all"
- BBC Interview with V. Nabokov, 1962. From the Introduction to McSweeney's 13.


Japanese, USA & UK editions

And the award for absolute worse DVD cover goes to...MIRAMAX! fire the douche who approved that horrible - misleading - irrelevant "Infernal Affairs" American DVD cover. Hint: That woman in the cover is not in the movie and there's not a woman with a gun in the movie.
+ Scorsese to remake INFERNAL AFFAIRS


" Dramatic lead actress nominees were Scarlett Johansson in "A Love Song for Bobby Long," playing a teen who finds an unlikely extended family " Globe Contenders

Scarlett's next movie, "In Goood Company", opens the same day as Elektra. Decisions, decisions.
+ Scarlett Johansson wants a video games of her to get rid of cellulite


 " If you haven't yet found "Lost", you can jump aboard next Wednesday, when ABC airs the pilot in its original two-hour form. It's one of the most superbly directed, tightly written pilots in years. "
+ 'Lost' is find of the year


+ Sin City Toys

+ "Need money for Kung-Fu lessons"

+ Jim Lee and Brtiney Spears?

+ Japanese PSP Commercials

Batman Begins New Trailer

Batman Begins Movie Trailer - Divx

Re: Why there's so much Liam Neeson in this trailer.
Regarding Henri   

"Perhaps there are other Bat-fans out there like me who believed that "Henri Ducard" – Bruce Wayne's mentor played by Liam Neeson – was concocted for Batman Begins by screenwriter David Goyer and director Christopher Nolan. It turns out the character is actually the product of Sam Hamm, the screenwriter of the 1989 Batman film."

If you want to get into the spirit of this film check out:

Batman: Year One

Batman: The Long Halloween

+ Someone's Amazon Listmania: Comics that feel like an orgasm


"I spent most of my time thinking, because I didn't have enough energy to do anything else."

+ Yoshimoto's Journal
+ Metropolis: Big In Japan - Banana Yoshimoto

In 1987, Yoshimoto Mahoko was a waitress at a golf-club restaurant, earning around $480 a month and stealing moments out of her day to write a novel at coffee-shop tables. The result was Kitchen, a 1988 phenomenon that eventually sold millions around the world. With a change of name to Banana Yoshimoto -- because it was "cute" -- a literary star was born. {Bananamania}

Ray Gun ( August 1997 )


Reasons I like this magazine: This is the magazine where I first heard of Beth Orton. It reminds me of having lunch with a dear friend.  It's where I found this picture ( I added the text)  which inspired an unfinished project. I wonder if some people from Raygun went to work for Blackbook.
Bono with Winona Ryder
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Is that the girl from Trainspotting next to Toni Colette? dunno.
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+ Ray Gun Magazine, Premiere Issue, 1992
+ Ray Gun, April 1999: Rock is War! Shirley Manson is winning
+ David Carson & RayGun