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And the award for absolute worse DVD cover goes to...MIRAMAX! fire the douche who approved that horrible - misleading - irrelevant "Infernal Affairs" American DVD cover. Hint: That woman in the cover is not in the movie and there's not a woman with a gun in the movie.
+ Scorsese to remake INFERNAL AFFAIRS


" Dramatic lead actress nominees were Scarlett Johansson in "A Love Song for Bobby Long," playing a teen who finds an unlikely extended family " Globe Contenders

Scarlett's next movie, "In Goood Company", opens the same day as Elektra. Decisions, decisions.
+ Scarlett Johansson wants a video games of her to get rid of cellulite


 " If you haven't yet found "Lost", you can jump aboard next Wednesday, when ABC airs the pilot in its original two-hour form. It's one of the most superbly directed, tightly written pilots in years. "
+ 'Lost' is find of the year


+ Sin City Toys

+ "Need money for Kung-Fu lessons"

+ Jim Lee and Brtiney Spears?

+ Japanese PSP Commercials

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