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[2046 Main Theme]


"I said she was sometimes obedient and sometimes gentle, but she's full of surprises. That's fun."

[ Shigeru Umebayashi -  2046 Main Theme (Rumba Version) ]

It is hard not to admire the art direction and composition of this film. There most of been a dozen shots that would make great photography prints or posters. The movie sort of lingers until Ziyi Zhang shows up. I wasn't that into the Sci-Fi story within the story part of it even though it carried on with the very sad meditation on love that this movie is all about. The score really shines on this movie as well (Real Audio Samples). Just like in "In The Mood for Love" there's one song in Spanish that's sort of a motif but I can't recall it now and its not in the soundtrack.

+ The Guardian: "He is responsible for some of the most stunning images in modern cinema."
+ An Interview with cinematographer Christopher Doyle
+ Director Wong Kar-Wai To Work With Nicole Kidman

ani d.+ politics + b.k.v

This page from "EX MACHINA" and the song "Paradigm" from Ani's new album, made me think of each other.

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My mother went campaigning door to door
And holding to her hand was me

I was just a girl in a room full of women
Licking stamps and laughing
I remember the feeling of community brewing
Of democracy happening

+ You can hear the song at the VH1 stream of "Knuckle Down". [ via sg ]

January Playlist

The first playlist I threw into my shuffle was the January Mix I made for my female benefactors.


+ Shuffle, the newest, cheapest iPod yet, will surprise you
+ TIME: gadget of the week

K. A.

{ Georgia Kokolis }

Some people think that I'm strong , stable, self assured. But I don't want to be, because I don't want to impose or control others. What I'm looking for is another power that's hidden, efficacious, and practical: the power to reclaim myself.

I write words to you whom I don't and can't know, to you who will always be other than alien to me. These words sit on the edges of meanings and aren't properly grammatical. For when there is no country, no community, the speaker's unsure of which language to use, how to speak, if it's possible to speak. Language is community.

My sexuality is not wanting to exist.

- Kathy Acker

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a fire in various melodies

// I Went to see The Aracde Fire last night at a sold out show. I ran into old acquaintances: Tony who is a big fan of this here blog and Britt who told me he's opening for Elvis Costello at SXSW. The Irony being that I dragged some friends away from the Elvis set at last year's ACL festival to go see Spoon. As far as the show goes, I was there for two songs: "Crown of Love" and "Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)" which they did back to back at the end of the main set. It was truly beautiful when people sang along to Tunnels. It was exciting when the Napoleon Dynamite looking dude starting drumming on the venue. As in anything around him, beams, walls etc.

+ Videos of The Arcade Fire performing live in Lawrence, Kansas

// I read that Shohreh Aghdashloo ( currently being scary in "24", previously seen in "House of Sand and Fog" ) will star in the movie version of "Reading Lolita in Tehran".

// I like the premise of Peter Carey's new book "Wrong About Japan": its a travelogue with his son to Japan dealing with anime, manga etc.

//  Tim Burton's Corpse Bride Trailer

// Bjork's Awesome new video:

U2 05 Tour

Billboard spills some of the beans on the 2005 U2 Tour.

It is possible some shows will be available as digital downloads. "We're exploring technology where it might be possible to download the show you've just seen," says McGuinness. "We've been talking to iTunes and the folks at Apple, with whom we have a great relationship, but it's not quite there yet. We're certainly looking at it.

Kings of Leon are opening and Scenetars has some of tracks if you want to know what they sound like.

Elektra Stay Dead

Elektralives" She's dead, he tells himself for the thouthandth time.
She died in my arms.
And when I touched her next,
that last time I ever touched her,
it wasn't her, not any more,
it was something cold, cold and empty.

She cannot be alive... "

Marvel has been fucking up the Elektra character for over a decade ( I think "Man Without Fear" was published in `93). Why change their trend by actually making a good movie of her? I tried to watch that ridiculous mess of a movie and didn't quite care. What I do care about is "Elektra Lives Again", a book my father got me the Christmas it came out. A book that is gorgeous and works great as a melancholy stand alone story. A character that should of been left alone.

+ 3 pages from "Elektra Lives Again"
+ Speaking of Frank Miller:  BATMAN: YEAR ONE DELUXE EDITION  ( Deluxe hardcover designed by Chip Kidd )
+ Marvel's Elektra Outage

Murakami's Kafka

"To sleep with a woman: it can seem of the utmost importance in your mind, or then again it can seem like nothing much at all. Which only goes to say that there's sex as therapy (self-therapy, that is) and there's sex as pastime." 
(Haruki Murakami)

+ Haruki Murakami: Talking cats and falling fish from the Wind-Up author
+ Read an extract from his new book, Kafka On The Shore.
+ January's author of the month - Haruki Murakami
+ Guardian Review
+ Short Stories

A streetcar named Pursy

" I would of broken that T.V. weeks ago if I knew it was going to drive you to Steinbeck "

If you want a picturesque southern gothic with literary references a plenty, this is the film for you. I sort of loved it. Travolta not in lame movie? Believe it. Scarlett was nominated for " Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama" for this movie. I wish her luck. I think her main competition is Hilary Swank for "Million Dollar Baby", which I've also seen and could likely win.

DD:DC dvd release

Fucking finally: Donnie Darko: The Director's Cut is set to street on 2/15.

The final list of supplements for the 2-disc set is as follows: audio commentary with writer/director Richard Kelly and director Kevin Smith, Donnie Darko Production Diary with optional commentary by DP Steven Poster, They Made Me Do it Too: The Cult of Donnie Darko featurette, storyboard-to-screen video, #1 Fan: A Darkomentary  featurette and a director's cut theatrical trailer. { source }


Just a few movies I've seen this year so far.


It's official. Japanese animation is out of control. This movie is gorgeous. The action sequences are incredible. I sort of prefer it to Ghost In The Shell 2. Both used 3d but in Ghost in the shell it didn’t blend as well as in Appleseed.  This movie made me wonder what a Robotech movie in 2005 may look like.


A wacky, whimsical, whacked out romantic comedy. The adorable Ji-hyun Jun is so captivating its hard to stop watching her do anything ( and she gets to run around and be a bad ass cop in this one). I read that she's in the USA learning English so maybe she'll be in a Hollywood movie soon.

Maria Full Of Grace

I thought this movie was going to be boring but the tension it created in the middle section was worth it. Depressing though.

Others: In Good Company - Its January, time for another crummy Scarlett movie ( see "The Perfect Score"). This movie is pointless. I like how they are marketing it as a comedy and all the funny lines are in the commercial. The rest of it is lame drama. It’s mainly a Topher Grace movie and he is so unlikable here. Merchant of Venice - Boring whenever Pacino is not on screen. Zatoichi - Not enough variety in the sword fights but the CGI blood was a nice  gimmick.

Scarlett Potpourri

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+ Scarlett's sexy secrets: Johansson admits her favourite feature is her breasts: "I'm proud of my girls. They're my charms, my feminine wiles."

+ Scarlett Johansson slams 'God' acceptance speechs: "Some people can be so goofy, especially the ones that say, 'I'd like to thank our Lord Jesus  up above!'

+ Scarlett Johansson - A Good Woman : Based on the Oscar Wilde play entitled Lady Windermere's Fan, A Good Woman is a scandalous but comic drama set in New York and the Amalfi coast during the 1930s.

+ Scarlett & Ewan McGregor: "The Island" ( She looks like Tara Reid with that long hair ) 

Here comes V




+ Film Announcement: Starring Natalie Portman

Describing where V for Vendetta lies in the comics cannon is tricky. Without wanting to over-state its importance, this particular reviewer considers it as fascinating and enjoyable a piece of serious science fiction as George Orwell's 1984 and Rildey Scott's Blade Runner. { book review }

+ 1998 Alan Moore Interview with Barnes and Nobles Online
+ V for Vendetta Book Annotations
+ Remember, Remember, the 5th of November
+ NPR: Alan Moore

[ Update ] By pure coincidence I happened to have a 1988 issue of Comics Scene magazine that had an interview with Alan Moore. For the Alan Moore inclined...

Pages 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6.

Will Eisner R.I.P.

" Comic legend Will Eisner died Monday evening, due to complications from heart surgery performed on December 22nd "

“Even when I was a young child, the comics spoke to me. When I was growing up, I tried my hand at all different sorts of art, but it always came back to comics. I wanted to tell stories.”
Will Eisner

+ Will Eisner: Moved by The Spirit
+ Modern Tales: The Spirit
+ Washington Post Profile ,
The Amazing Adventures of Will Eisner
+ Artwork