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Happy 10th To Bring You My Love


"To bring you my love" Original Release Date: February 28, 1995

[ Down By The Water (live) ]

I bought this album without having heard one song on it based on the fact that Flood had produced it and U2's Manager had become her manager. I trusted Paul McGuiness to have good taste. My previous exposure to Polly was one late night viewing of the video for "Rid Of Me" on 120 minutes. It quite spooked me. Minutes after buying it, my friend who gave me a ride tuned in to the local alt rock station and they played "Down By The Water". I knew I'd made the right choice. My friend was not so sure. To me, "TBML" is like a great lost western movie starring this bad ass woman we've never heard of with her long snake moan and her endless search for love.

+ Recollections based on the album To Bring You My Love, by PJ Harvey
PJ Harvey Audio including Moon River as performed live by Vincent Gallo, PJ & John Frusciante
+ Video Stills from her videos.
+ Classic Albums: Rid Of Me - "
The first choice as producer was Tom Waits.."

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