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All the Sin City you can handle

Regional Premiere of Sin City: Photos & Video

[ Robert Rodriguez - Sin City Theme ]

I've been waiting for the Sin City movie for a while and last night I finally saw it. It did not disappoint ( although, for all the talk about it being faithful to the books, I noticed some stuff missing in "The Hard Goodbye" ) The menu at the theater last night included Twice Fried "Marv" Bars, Yellow Mustard Chili Dog and what I had: Nancy's Apple Sindae. CHECK OUT THE ILLUSTRATED SIN CITY MENU! (PDF) My friend Chepo won a Sin City trade paperback before the movie started. One easy trivia question, something about "what other violent movie was Frank Miller involved with". Robocop 2!

+ Austin Statesman: Rodriguez talks 'Sin City': Film critic Chris Garcia chats with director Robert Rodriguez about creating a film-noir world out of special effects.
+ KCRW - film critic Elvis Mitchell half hour discussion with Frank Miller
+ Ebert's review
+ Sin City's Family Tradition: Cultural, Literary and Filmic Analysis
+ BOOK REVIEW: The 'Sin City' comic-book series
+ Sim City
+ From The Comics to the Screen

Coming on April 27th:  the MILLER / EISNER book

Get Away from this DualDisc


I haven't gotten this yet but it is out. I think i'm going to get it from Amazon. Even Sony has it for cheap. I'm not much for double dipping but the price is not bad to have a concert, new songs and the album on 5.1.

DVD Side:
• Entire album in 5.1 Multichannel Surround Sound
• An intimate live performance including the unreleased song Glad
• Two bonus unreleased audio tracks: John-John and Teresa

+ There was a press release on this

[ Universe ]

[  Sara Slean - Universe ( live @ C'est What, Toronto, 1997) ]

This comes from one of my favorite bootlegs. A tape some person sent me when I used to run a Fiona Apple mailing list back in the day. The other side of the tape had an Emm Grynner performance from the same night in which she gave out Pork Rinds to the audience. My tape of this show broke like two years ago and I forgot all about it. Thankfully I now have the Sara side of it on MP3. Still looking for the Emm part of this.

+ Piano Chick with a red choker on alert: Streaming Sarah concert.
+ A fact I did not know: Nightbugs was Produced by Hawksley Workman.
+ Slean taps into spooky songwriting

U2’s Vertigo Tour starts this week

Sneak preview of U2’s Vertigo Tour

The intro music for the set was The Arcade Fire’s ‘Wake Up’ and at the end of the song, Bono’s voice was heard saying ‘everyone’ loudly, over and over again. The the lights slammed down and the intro of ‘City of Blinding Lights’ chimed through the hall.


U2 warms up with free Los Angeles concert

According to reports from the performance, U2 opened with "City of Blinding Lights," followed by "The Electric Co.," "An Cat Dubh/Into the Heart," "Beautiful Day," "Miracle Drug," "Sometimes You Can't Make it On Your Own" and "Love and Peace or Else."

Other songs on the setlist included "Elevation," "Stuck In a Moment," "Yaweh," "Bullet the Blue Sky," "Running to Stand Still," "Zoo Station," "The Fly" and "Vertigo."

The five-song encore included "Pride (In the Name of Love)," "Where the Streets Have No Name," "One," "All Because Of You" and "40.

Oh please retire "Where the Streets Have No Name" and "Bullet the Blue Sky". Gimmie a break already. No Zoorpa songs either. bleh.

+ U2 Again Looks to Reach New Heights, as 'Vertigo' Tour Opens
+ Lines Notes: What's your first U2 memory?
+ U2 perform at the RRHOF ( audio )

[ oldboy ]


Dae-su Oh: Can the imaginary training of fifteen years be put to use?
Dae-su Oh: [Dae-su beats up his assailants] Yes. It can.

I saw "oldboy" two weeks ago and I'm still shaken by its cruelty. This is the ultimate revenge movie ever made. Second in a proposed Revenge Trilogy ( "Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance" being the first ) by Chan-wook Park. I can't even imagine how he will top the work done in "oldboy". Selections from the film's soundtrack:

[ Look Who's Talking ]  [ Kiss Me Deadly ]

Sin City Tid Bits

" You don't visit Sin City to read the Bible.."
- Frank Miller, "A Dame To Kill For"

SUNDAY 3/27 - the making of sin city: bringing the graphic novel to life - 10:00pm central on sci-fi

+    Frank Miller Pt 2: BATMAN, SIN CITY and more
+    11 Minute Sin City Featurette Clip
+    IGN: Sin City: From Panel to Screen
+    Daily News: Unpleasantville
+    Rodriguez Defends Sin City
+    Hartigan Figure
+    Sin City: The Interviews

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Sin City in Stuff Magazine

The new issue of WIRED has an article on SIN CITY: "The Man Who Shot Sin City" (will be on the website on 3/29)

Sin City Fridgedoor magnets 

" She ripped my soul apart and tossed away the pieces like she was emptying an ashtray, But does my mind stay on that? Hell no! It brings me back that look she had in her eyes when I told her about my dad. That time we smoked pot and got the giggles and couldn't stop. That crazy way she got scared in the middle of the night and started crying and how I held her close to me until dawn. "

- Frank Miller, "A Dame To Kill For"

Woody and Scarlett's Match Point


Time for a follow up on Scarlett's Summer Project : "Match Point".

"..Scarlett is of course just a natural great actress. She can do no wrong, incapable of a bad moment. Very sexy, very pretty. She was just touched by God."
Woody Allen: Why I love London

CS!: Can you tell us anything about your next movie, Match Point?
Allen: It's a film that I shot in England with Scarlett Johansson and Jonathan Rhys Myers, who are brilliant. I rarely work overseas, but I got a situation that was very good for me. They gave me the money, no questions asked, and the atmosphere was wonderful. I worked in the summer. It was cool in London. The skies were all gray, which is great for photography, and there are no unions (laughter) which is a wonderful thing, not just financially, but because everybody can help out and do the other person's job without infringing. It's like making a student film in the best sense of the word. The guy that does the lunches can also stop traffic for you, whereas here, they can't do that.
The Two Sides of Woody Allen

+ Scarlett Johansson scared of Woddy Allen

Extraordinary Machine out and about

Fiona Apple and Jon Brion, producer of Extraordinary Machine.

: Fiona Apple Is Cookin' on the Net

BigChampagne, which monitors songs available on file-sharing services, found that at any one time about 38,000 users in the United States are downloading songs from Extraordinary Machine. The most popular track is "Please Please Please," with more than 20,000 simultaneous downloads, according to the company.

+ slant magazine EM review

Was “Criminal” an “obvious single”?) Admit it, when Rolling Stone described the title track as “a Tin Pan Alley-esque blend of Tom Waits and Vaudeville,” you shit yourselves. You probably told Fiona, who could very well have quoted you in “Please Please Please,” one of Machine’s many Doors-by-way-of-Kurt-Weill tunes: “Give us something familiar/Something similar/To what we know already/That will keep us steady…going nowhere.”

+ Extraordinary Gall: RIAA v. Fans (Round 8,501)
+ San Francisco Chronicle: Who Will Free Fiona Apple?
+ The Book L.A. Interview  (2004)

the kills at waterloo

Killswaterloo5The Kills @ Waterloo Records on Friday. What can I say about this in-store performance. First of all Hotel plays the guitar like a weapon and the  audience is a massacre waiting to happen. VV is possessed. A wild rock n roll beast.  The highlight was the last song  "Love is a deserter", which they perform with sexual tension and suggestion on stage. I hope they come back and play this town because I'd like to see them in dark place at night. Daytime doesn't do the music justice. The Doves on Satuday was packed. I've never seen Waterloo so full of people.

+ suicidegirls interview
+ "Good Ones" video
+ more pics: 1 , 2 , 3.
+ chepo's sxsw day 1

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the one about SXSW 2005

STARS"This song is about fucking and catastrophe.." those were the words of the lead singer of I Am Kloot as they started the first performance I saw today. And what a day it was. I ran into Little Miss Rock'n'Roll and Queen of the Front Row from See You At The Pit at The Wrens whom I had never seen before. Energetic and Exciting set are the words. Then I ran into Frank "Chromewaves" before the Stars set, the band my friend Melliebee was there to see. I got lucky, right before I had to leave they did "Elevator Love Letter" which was what I really wanted to hear from them.

FREE ITUNES GorillazOff I went to the Gorillaz listening party at which I rant into Ben "Austinist". Damon Albarn himself was in attendance. He introduced the video for "Dirty Harry" (or was it "Feel Good Inc?") which was pretty damn great, there's even a part with Noodle up in the clouds that reminded me of "Steam Boy". What I got to hear of it ( after a glitch on the first attempt at playing the album, and much waiting ) sounded pretty good. Sounds like this year's disc to have playing in the background when you throw a party.

Sxsw05ry2_1Piano Girls own my heart. Last year it was all about Nellie McKay, this year it's Rachael Yamagata, who was at last year's festival but I did not get to see perform. I spoke to Rachael and asked if "Woman" would get recorded and she said it will definitely be on the second album. And when it was all said and done she only did one song on the Piano, the rest on guitar. It was fantastic nonetheless, she did two new ones and "Worm Me Down" won over "Reason Why" when she asked which song to play on the piano.

+ R. Y. @SXSW 2005: Video of "What If I Leave" , Video of "Worn Me Down".
+ Miss Yamagata @KCRW - March 10th, 2005 and a Torrent of it.
+ the reason why fan page

Today's Triumphs: Free Parking. Two Open Bars in a row (one with free food). Free Magazines.  Total spent all day: $2.50 on a beer at Emos.

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The "Sin City" Soundtrack

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To be released on 3/29/2005 - The dark underworld of SIN CITY has been captured in music by Rodriguez himself, along with composers John Debney (The Passion of the Christ, The Replacements) and Graeme Revell (The Crow, Pitch Black)

+ Tracklist ( don't read, spoilers, but in case someone cares here it is )

[ The Servant - "Cells" ] The song from the trailer doesn't seem to make it to the soundtrack.

what shields me from bad television

Over the weekend I got to watch the first episode of the new season of The Shield. Damn that show only gets better. Glenn Close makes a smooth transition into the show and the new dynamics of the former strike team are revealed (hello apprentice vs master complex). Unlike other revamps this season (24 and Alias), this one doesn't feel like it at all. It feels like the correct progression of the story instead of some desperate attempt to get more viewers. Another feature of this season: early 90's tv actors like Anna Maria Horsford ( at leas I think that was her playing someone from the DA's office. First show I think about when I see her is "Amen") and Anthony Anderson ( First show I think about when I see him is "Hang Time" ).

+ What Glenn Close is doing in ''The Shield''
+ The Shield PS2 game

Basin City Marketing Effort

" With contributions from creators, cast and crew, this book covers the making of the Dimension Film’s forthcoming film based on Frank Miller’s award-winning graphic novel series Sin City, from page to screen and everything in between. Featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes photos, never before seen art and conceptual designs, interviews and commentary, and the complete script to the movie "

+ Book Review

I got to look through this book at my local store. It's fantastic. Amazon has a different cover on their site. Release date according to them is April 25. Publishers page for the book. Other books of interest: The Art Of Sin City and The Comics Journal Library: Frank Miller.


The players are showing up here and there. Hell, Esquire has two Sin City actors on one cover.
// In addition to Black Book, Rosario is also on the cover of Giant Magazine
// Yahoo has a mini Sin City Site

In Frank Miller's ''Sin City,'' soon to be released as a feature film starring Bruce Willis and Benicio Del Toro, the heroes are assassins and thugs who shoot first, dismember second and rarely find the moment to ask questions. - New York Times

+ In comics, the clothes make the antihero
+ Frank Miller talks making SIN CITY
+ wow, it's been almost a year since the Sin City press got started

[ Waltz ]

[ Fiona Apple - Waltz ]

If you don't have a song to sing you're ok, You'll know how to get along humming
If you don't have a Date, Celebrate
go off and sit on the lawn under nothing
'cos its just what you must do and nobody does it anymore

CD Rip, not radio rip. This album is officially my favorite album of 2004 that I never got to hear. Thanks for nothing Sony!
+ Fan made cd art
+ The whole album CD Rip is on here but you have to do some diggin to get it.

out for the week

I'm going to New Orleans for the week. I'll leave you with this:
Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine Torrent



March 6, 2005 -- LOCKED away in the Sony master vault, or maybe Fiona Apple's sock drawer, is an album that's gathering dust - and the kind of momentum that might push the mystery disc into rock mythology. Apple was the teen-age waif who took the rock world by storm with her debut album, "Tidal." Her single "Criminal," released when she was only 19, won a Grammy and propelled her to multi-platinum success.

An indie darling, Apple dated filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson, and released her second album with an 83-word-long title, usually shortened as "When the Pawn ..."

It tanked.

Her third effort - the mystery disc - is titled "Extraodinary Machine," and was completed almost two years ago in May 2003.

But it was never released.

Frustrated Apple fans have taken to the Internet, lobbying for the album, calling it a masterpiece.

A Sony insider said the fate of "Machine" is no mystery - reporting that the artist and label agree that the record isn't ready to enter the company's catalog.

Sony execs say the album was never officially delivered. "We join music lovers everywhere in eagerly anticipating her next release," a company official said.

Apple, now 27, was not available to verify that claim, but a complete tape of "Extraordinary Machine" - ready or not - slipped out and is now in the hands of 25-year-old radio deejay Andrew Harms, who has been playing its 11 tracks on 107.7 The End, in Seattle.

Speaking to The Post from his offices, Harms said, "This record is amazing - a brilliant piece of music, unlike anything I've heard from Fiona Apple.  [ REST OF ARTICLE ]

+ Jon Brion Interview in which he talks about the album

Apple contemplated never recording another album. Then, in the spring of 2002, Brion and Apple met for their weekly lunch. Brion had recently been ejected from a five-year relationship with the comedian Mary Lynn Rajskub. Making matters worse, the breakup occurred while he was scoring Paul Thomas Anderson's ''Punch-Drunk Love.'' Rajskub had a large role in the film, and Brion spent hours watching his ex on celluloid. Now finished with the score, he was at loose ends.

''Please, please make another album,'' Brion begged Apple. ''I need work that can save me.''

James Jean Book

Process Recess:
The Art of James Jean by James Jean. Published by ADHOUSE BOOKS
1-color dustjacket
224 4C pages
$25 US funds
ISBN 0-9721794-6-1
Shipping in March 2005

PROCESS RECESS collects the art of James Jean. From his travelogue-sketchbooks of Vienna, London, New York, LA and Taiwan to his finished illustrations and paintings we get to see a side of the artist that most have not seen. James artwork blends media such as watercolor, oils, computer work, and sketching — all of which is collected here in a beautiful hardcover format.

+ PopImage talks to James Jean [ via thoughtballoons ]
+ JJ colors Paul Pope art in SOLO # 3

A Few other New Fiona Songs

3-4-05: UPDATE: "Oh Sailor" , "Please, Please, Please"


One More song: "Waltz" , alternate link

Official track listing

    Not About Love
    Red, Red, Red
    Get Him Back
    Better Version Of Me
    Oh Well
    Oh, Sailor
    Used To Love Him
    Extraordinary Machine
    Please, Please, Please

MTV: Fiona Apple's Extraordinary Songs Leaked On The Radio

" Harms has also begun playing "Waltz," a song that has not yet leaked to the Internet, and said he has in his possession the finished 11-track version of Apple's third record. Though he won't say how he obtained the full album, Harms hopes to soon showcase the disc in its entirety. "

Kathleen Edwards Wants You Back

KeishotFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Kathleen Explains Lyricial inspirations

I love Kathleen Edwards. I'm completely going to overlook the drama her last EP caused me. What other woman could get me to go to CMT to hear a stream of her album? Only her.

+ Waterloo Records Artist of the week media player

Rolling Stone -  SXSW 2003 Coverage: Best Stage Banter: Ottawa native Kathleen Edwards has a pretty voice and a dirty mouth. During her Antone's show, she announced, "Compared to Texans, Canadians are fuckin' assholes." At press time, nobody back home had destroyed any of her records.

"I was threatening to call the record Ways to Make You Come", Edwards Is a Potty Mouth - Alt-country singer pulls no punches with "Back to Me"   
+ Jam Review
+ Rolling Stone Review
+ She's Appearing at SXSW 2005
+ Sample 3 songs ( rename files to .mp3 )