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the one about SXSW 2005

STARS"This song is about fucking and catastrophe.." those were the words of the lead singer of I Am Kloot as they started the first performance I saw today. And what a day it was. I ran into Little Miss Rock'n'Roll and Queen of the Front Row from See You At The Pit at The Wrens whom I had never seen before. Energetic and Exciting set are the words. Then I ran into Frank "Chromewaves" before the Stars set, the band my friend Melliebee was there to see. I got lucky, right before I had to leave they did "Elevator Love Letter" which was what I really wanted to hear from them.

FREE ITUNES GorillazOff I went to the Gorillaz listening party at which I rant into Ben "Austinist". Damon Albarn himself was in attendance. He introduced the video for "Dirty Harry" (or was it "Feel Good Inc?") which was pretty damn great, there's even a part with Noodle up in the clouds that reminded me of "Steam Boy". What I got to hear of it ( after a glitch on the first attempt at playing the album, and much waiting ) sounded pretty good. Sounds like this year's disc to have playing in the background when you throw a party.

Sxsw05ry2_1Piano Girls own my heart. Last year it was all about Nellie McKay, this year it's Rachael Yamagata, who was at last year's festival but I did not get to see perform. I spoke to Rachael and asked if "Woman" would get recorded and she said it will definitely be on the second album. And when it was all said and done she only did one song on the Piano, the rest on guitar. It was fantastic nonetheless, she did two new ones and "Worm Me Down" won over "Reason Why" when she asked which song to play on the piano.

+ R. Y. @SXSW 2005: Video of "What If I Leave" , Video of "Worn Me Down".
+ Miss Yamagata @KCRW - March 10th, 2005 and a Torrent of it.
+ the reason why fan page

Today's Triumphs: Free Parking. Two Open Bars in a row (one with free food). Free Magazines.  Total spent all day: $2.50 on a beer at Emos.

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