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Happy 10th "The Bends"


"The Bends" Original U.S. Release Date:  April 4, 1995 

[ Nice Dream ] Demo & [ Nice Dream] Live

I recall getting tickets to see R.E.M with Radiohead opening and being disappointed. I said to myself "Those one hit wonders are opening?". Imagine my fate when I saw Radiohead open for R.E.M two nights in a row and experience a future favorite album as a live show first. "Fake Plastic Trees" making it to the "Clueless" soundtrack could only be considered a good thing regardless of what Alicia Silverstone said about it in the movie.

"The Bends was many things, but it wasn't really *chirpy* was it? It was more like a darkness lumbering over the horizon with gun turrets strafing the Britpop hordes with misery. Er, sorry. Got a bit carried away there." - Colin

"We wanted to make this new record a year and a half ago but the U.S. success of 'Creep' kept us from going into the studio. The delay added a seasoned street spirit that probably would not have been there if we had recorded it earlier. It's a lot more relaxed than our first record." - Colin { source }

Ranked #110 in Rolling Stone's "500 Greatest Albums Of All Time"
Ranked #4 in Q's "Best 50 Albums of Q's Lifetime"   
Ranked #30 in The NME "Top 30 Heartbreak Albums
Ranked #4 in NME's `Top 50 Albums Of The Year' for 1995. Melody Maker  {source}

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