Year One

Mix Tape


Sarah Vowell talks about the mysteries of the long-distance love affair, and one distinctive modern feature of the process: the compilation tape. She says that the problem she's had with making tapes to send to her boyfriends is that she and her beloved tend not to have the same taste in music. While the whole process is romantic, it's left her with boxes and boxes of tapes that she never intends to listen to again. Now, there's a service that will make mix tapes to order...she visits with the proprietor of this unusual business.
( Real Audtio - starts at 28 minutes )

+ Theoretical Adventures of Sarah Vowell
+ Sarah Vowell: Superheroine by Nick Hornby
+ A very brief exploration of the evolution and uses of the mixtape in society
+ The Quaint Cassette Is Sent Reeling Into History's Dustbin
+ Wikipedia: mixtape

“Ask any ex of yours from the early ‘90s about the amorous mix tapes you once made, and chances are, Sonic Youth appears somewhere among the track listing. So, perhaps it’s fitting that Thurston Moore is working on a book that takes a nostalgic look at that most humble vehicle of adolescent expression. Mix Tape: The Art of Cassette Culture explores the sound mixes and art we created in our bedrooms long before iTunes and Photoshop.”
―Michael Dougherty, Blackbook Magazine.  Fall 2004.
This title will be released on May  3, 2005

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