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[ Peach Trees ] + James Dean

Jamesdean_1"Cause I'm so tired of waiting in restaurants
reading the critics and comics alone
With a waiter with a face made for currency
Like a coin in ancient Rome

And I really do wish you were here next to me
cause I'm going to see James Dean "

[ Rufus Wainwright -  Peach Trees ]

Out this week: "Rebel without a Cause" gets the two-disc Special Edition treatment and "East of Eden" finally comes to DVD.

Lust for Lost

" If we do our job right we will go 3 or 4 seasons before we even contemplate the possibility of anyone getting off at all or [present] the breaking point of view of what is [actually] going on on the island. " -
Damon Lindelof

+ The Lost Notebook - This notebook is a collection of the evidence presented in ABC's show 'LOST' to assist the multitude of fan sites & community forums in further investigating the show's storylines.

+ Good Morning America - "secret" scene from Lost finale

+ Guide to Oceanic-Air.com - includes a Exodus Part II script page ( yet more BS from the producers of Lost? ) Messages from the bottleFrench translations of the notes on the map.

+ TV Guide: Lost - Inside The Finale

+  What are these objects in the Pilot episode?  Its really creep what Lost fans will find.

+ Were we victims of the weirdest disinformation campaign ever? a.k.a I'll never read SpoilerFix again and that bitch from E! can shut the hell up. 

+ Season 2 Trailer :
Click on the "numbers" below the plane in order. 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 Wait and see the trailer { also found here }. "They survived on luck / They survived on instinct / On the other side of the island / They discover / They are not the survivors / They thought they were / Lost Season 2 2005 "

+ John Locke is on MySpace and so is The Hatch along with all the main characters.

+ The Numbers

I love Super Heroes - the tv show

Watch as BRAVO sticks Hal Sparks on this show, instantly making it "I love Super Heroes" instead of what they actually named it. ( how did Kim Catrall get on this show? why is she talking about The Hulk? )

Ultimate Super Heroes, Ultimate Super Villains, Ultimate Super Vixens

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Bravo's three-part special celebrating the heroes, villains and vixens who have created powerful impressions on fans throughout the years. Narrated by one of television's classic super heroes Adam West, who portrayed "Batman" in the hit TV series.

80's nostalgia - cartoons

Coming in August: ThunderCATS: Season 1, Volume 1
Coming in July: The Best of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
According to this, a classic cartoon special from the 80's will see the light of day: He-Man/She-Ra Christmas Special. ( another review of it here )
Already out and I didn't even know: M.A.S.K ( Hell, even C.O.P.S is out on DVD )
Now all that is left to come out is Silverhawks! I've yet to meet anyone who remembers Beverly Hills Teens which came out way before 90210.

Kiss My Ass Coldplay

Above from Entertainment Weekly. Hey EW! Atomic Bomb wasn't a "blockbuster"? STFU!

Memo for all journalists: How to interview Coldplay circa 2005

+ *Must* mention U2. ( Refer to having to mention R.E.M when talking about Radiohead a few years back )
+ Let them whine about how they scrapped an album ( hey, didn't U2 do that as well? )
+ Apple.
+ Don't mention that "Speed of Sound" reminds you of "Clocks". Do mention Kraftwerk.
+ Apple.

A few days later after my post: Hot For Coldplay - They want to be the best, biggest band in the world. Ridiculous, right? But then the last people to talk like that were U2.

U2 & Cohen

Bono: 'We need to talk'

KOT: You told me the other day that U2 had "Kid A'd" itself to death [a reference to Radiohead's 2000 progressive-rock album "Kid A"]. It was a funny line, but I'm disappointed to hear that.
BONO: I want to hear Radiohead, extraordinary band that they are, on MTV. I want them setting fire to the imaginations of 16-, 15-, 14-year-old kids

+ U2 film video with Leonard Cohen
+ "Cohen's upcoming projects include a book, television special, DVD, CD album and extensive worldwide touring." [via] "The Book of Longing" will finally come out?
+ Radiohead to have new album done by Feb. `06

raveonettes show

Ode to Sharin Foo

Went to the raveonettes show this past week with Colleen and ran into "the" Tony Cooke ( frequent commentator here) and zenbetty. They put on a thunderous show, my personal highlights were "Veronica Fever", "Great Love Sound" and "My boyfriend's Back". The shirt Sharin was wearing reminded me of the Velvet Underground. Well, she reminds me of Nico anyways, which made me think of "Joan Of Arc".

{ about the image on the back of Songs of Leonard Cohen }

a sequel to many posts

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

So we walk into the theater for Episode III and everyone was given SW: Galaxies and Jump To Lightspeed (Which reminds me, when the Hell is X-Wing vs Tie Fighter going to be remade?). Not too shabby of a random giveaway. Then between JEDI MINDWARP: EPISODE ZERO and Clone Wars: Season 2 ( which lead perfectly into Episode III ) there was a Trivia contest and my friend Chepo totally answered the last and final hard question ( I don't remember what it was) and won some old toy that was boxed and had a golden coin. Lovely found this and it reminds me of alot of people at the movie theatre.

In a follow up to  Gorillaz Get Around : Gorillaz Toys! & About the Demon Days Special Edition

In a follow up to Eisley (as in MossEisley) Trilogy : Eisley's Summer Tour Dates
In a follow up to Sin City and the Force : Sin City at Cannes 05
In a follow up to Teldrassil : E3 2005 Trailers

Que Es El Sith?

Joanna Newsom + Darth Vader

History of the word Sith: "I came across a site on Greek mythology that spoke of the history of Sithonia (named after the Poseidon's son Sithon), a greek peninsulia that contains some cool rock formations. The myth is, that this was a battle ground for gods that grew jealous of each others powers and killed each other off by throwing theses giant boulders....sound familiar?"

The Rule of Two: "Always two there are, no more, no less.  A Master and an Apprentice."

Who is Darth Bane? : "Eventually, Bane took his own apprentice, and set his new order in motion. Future Sith Lords were taught the virtues of patience, planning, and secrecy, and each was to take on the title of Darth."

Chepo's Adventures with a film reel of Empire Strikes Back: "..they acquired a reel of 35mm film marked THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. The exact contents of the reel where unknown. The reel had grease pencil marks and a big yellow line through the entire reel. It had to be something. Was it outtakes? An alternate edit? Where they sitting on a goldmine? Whatever it was, it was Star Wars, it was film, so it was cool by me. NO WAY Lucas was getting his hands on this to insert some CGI bullshit."

Have chronic diarrhea? You may be a Jedi : "Oh, the whole chosen one thing? Why did the Jedi think “Balance” meant, “No more evil.” I guess “Math” is one of the things in the list of stuff A Jedi Cares Not for. Okay, so before Episode III you have two Sith, and a passle of Jedi. That, dear reader, is unbalanced. After Episode III you have two Sith and two Jedi. That dear reader is balanced."

G4: Star Wars Games
+ MTV: Star Wars Memories
+ Daily Show: Star Wars Merchandising
+ Anakin Dynamite
+ SW Icons


Time + Xbox360

Click cover for.......
Xbox 360, Shot by Shot - A slide show with audio
Press Start to Begin - A history of video game consoles
Let the Battle Begin - The major video game console makers continue the struggle to win dominance in the marketplace
Who is Playing—and Why - Inside the 21st Century gamer
Video Game Evolution - Three decades after video games invaded our space, it's finally hip to be square
+ Xbox 360 High-Def Footage

Match Point at Cannes 05


Cannes 2005: Festival opens with a treat :

Woody Allen's Match Point is being sold as a return to form after his recent run of flops. It has the novelty of being set in London rather than New York, though the capital it depicts is barely distinguishable from the never-never metroland of Richard Curtis movies. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers plays a lowly-born tennis coach who gets in with a group of nice aristos, one of whom (Emily Mortimer) he marries. Unfortunately, he also falls in love with a struggling American actress (Scarlett Johansson).

So - new city, old Woody. A sensitive, Dostoevsky-reading man torn between two cuties, characters who spend half the time watching arty film at the pictures, a very pleasant pre-war soundtrack. The central theme - the importance in life of fate or chance - is spelled out early on, and clung to steadfastly in order to underwrite the rather sketchy narrative flow.

+ Johannson and Meyers star at Cannes premiere
+ Woody Allen turns sexy and violent  /Is Woody Allen Back? [ via ]
+ London Drama For Woody Allen
+ SJ in The Black Dahlia

Also at Cannes...

/The Trailer /

Preacher Strikes Back

Just like "Sandman" did back in the day, the "Preacher" tradepaperbacks are getting a face lift. This means what's old is new again and on sale! 

Ninth Art Reviews "Gone To Texas": PREACHER is not a series for the faint of heart. In addition to the endless, extreme gore (which, to be fair, is for the most part somewhat realistic - a bullet probably doesn't just leave behind a small, red-rimmed hole after passing through a face), the series contains enough vulgarity to make HBO blush, and enough sexually explicit dialogue to, well, make HBO blush some more.

+ Download the first Issue of Preacher
+ Answers.com: Preacher

Crumb and Miscellany


Portrait of the artist as a young deviant from Newsweek's Photo gallery of "The R. Crumb Handbook". I've never been into Crumb much, except for liking the documentary, but I can't resist a James Joyce allusion. Robert Crumb on Fresh Air.

Paste Magazine: Female Characters in Comics + International Comics

Chris Martin: Police, nudity, furious punters and taking out U2 : "What matters is trying to write the best tunes in the world. And having a picture of U2 on the wall, and trying to pump enough logs to take out the Drago [the Russian villain in Rocky IV] that is U2 - that's our mission. I don't care about being big. I don't care about being famous. I care about being a streamlined fighting machine."

ee cummings + photos

Tori "I believe" + Tori covers Billy Idol, Bon Jovi, Cindy Lauper, et al.

He Said–She Said: Ten Relationship Dialogue Songs



"Holly came from Miami, Fla..."
I'm off to Florida for a few days. You should miss me.
// World Wide Wang does Coachella `05
// You mean to tell me he actually wears that Pedro shirt in real life?
// Bad, Bad U2 Fan
// The Eisner Miller Book supposedly came out today.
// NPR Live Concert Series:The Decemberists (Friday), Interpol, Bright Eyes & Wilco
// The Raveonettes: "Love In A Trashcan" video
// "Writers are like interior decorators..." All Things Considered + Colin Meloy
// Everyone Loves Katamari Damacy , Katamari PSP
// Spanish Fly - Live in Spain

// Someone did what I could not: watch MTV's Trippin' [ via TWS ]
// "Lost" Merch: "Be like Sawyer and collect a stash of special keepsakes"
// SSX 4 Trailer - Did they hire people from Vh1 to work on their marketing?

AUSTIN CITY LIMITS LINEUP : Eisley !Rachael Yamagata! Kathleen Edwards! and
Coldplay,Oasis,Arcade Fire,Death Cab for Cutie, Franz Ferdinand,Keane,The Doves, Jason Mraz, Rilo Kiley, Spoon,The Secret Machines, The Decemberists,The Frames,The Fiery Furnaces,The Futureheads,Tegan and Sara, Mike Doughty, Aqualung, Tristen Prettymen.

White Noise could of been Panasonic

White Noise on White Noise is a collection of 36 randomly selected fragments of text from Don DeLillo's novel White Noise.

An Annotation of the First Page of White Noise, With Help From Don DeLillo.

it was don delillo, whiskey, me,
Bright Eyes - Gold Mine Gutted

: " In Don DeLillo's (the author Conor mentions at the beginning of the song) novel "White Noise", one of the main characters begins taking a pill that stops the brain from producing the chemical(s) that produce the fear of death. Seeing as how "Digital Ash..." is directly concerned with Conor's death and drug use, I'd say it's very likely Conor's read the novel. I'm sure if there was a drug that stopped people from fearing death, Conor would take it. That is, if it'd even work with all the coke he's hopped up on..."

Previously.... [ Don DeLillo whiskey ]