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Lust for Lost

" If we do our job right we will go 3 or 4 seasons before we even contemplate the possibility of anyone getting off at all or [present] the breaking point of view of what is [actually] going on on the island. " -
Damon Lindelof

+ The Lost Notebook - This notebook is a collection of the evidence presented in ABC's show 'LOST' to assist the multitude of fan sites & community forums in further investigating the show's storylines.

+ Good Morning America - "secret" scene from Lost finale

+ Guide to Oceanic-Air.com - includes a Exodus Part II script page ( yet more BS from the producers of Lost? ) Messages from the bottleFrench translations of the notes on the map.

+ TV Guide: Lost - Inside The Finale

+  What are these objects in the Pilot episode?  Its really creep what Lost fans will find.

+ Were we victims of the weirdest disinformation campaign ever? a.k.a I'll never read SpoilerFix again and that bitch from E! can shut the hell up. 

+ Season 2 Trailer :
Click on the "numbers" below the plane in order. 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 Wait and see the trailer { also found here }. "They survived on luck / They survived on instinct / On the other side of the island / They discover / They are not the survivors / They thought they were / Lost Season 2 2005 "

+ John Locke is on MySpace and so is The Hatch along with all the main characters.

+ The Numbers

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