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Chappelle loves World of Warcraft, Bitch


+ Dave Chappelle loves World of Warcraft

"You know what I've been playing a lot of?" the comedian reportedly asked the crowd. "World of Warcraft!" When a few cheers broke out, he reportedly responded, "I knew I had some geek brothers and sisters up in here!" Chappelle also was said to have expressed his amusement seeing WoW characters with names referring to his most famous sketches, including a rogue with a name inspired by the famous "I'm Rick James, B****" sketch.

+ World of Warcraft Secrets

BRUCE CAMPBELL TRIBUTE: In Dun Mo-rogh, just south of Kharanos,   there’s a small camp where a group of dwarves are taking target practice.   Hang around long enough and you’ll hear one of the dwarves scream out:   “This is my boomstick!”

FIGHT CLUB: Further into the Undercity, in the War Quarter,   there’s an honest to God Fight Club where you’ll find two NPC fighters   named Edward and Tyler.

Fantastic Four Sell Out


The Fantastic Four, brought to you by KOOL-AID® Invisible™, Mountain Dew Code Red, X-Box, Pepsi, Arnette, Dell, Samsung, Fox, Activision, Wal-Mart, et al. Mind you, this is one still of a 123 minute movie. No telling what brand of sun screen Dr. Doom has in his office. And I thought the Batman Diet Coke commercial was bad.

"...the first origin didn't make a whole lot of sense if you looked at it too closely. Why would a scientist bring his girlfriend and her teenaged brother on an unauthorized, highly dangerous space flight? "
Unstable Molecules: The True Story of the Real People Who Inspired the Fantastic Four - Review, Another Review

+ Fantastic Four Monopoly Game



V. Nabokov

I have followed you, model,
in magazine ads through all seasons,
from dead leaf on the sod
to red leaf on the breeze,

from your lily-white armpit
to the tip of your butterfly eyelash,
charming and pitiful,
silly and stylish.

Or in kneesocks and tartan
standing there like some fabulous symbol
parted feet pointing outward
-- pedal form of akimbo.

On a lawn, in a parody
of Spring and its cherry-tree
near a vase and a parapet
virgin practising archery.

Ballerina, black-masked
near a parapet of alabaster.
“Can one -- somebody asked --
rhyme ‘star’ and ‘disaster’?”

Can one picture a blackbird
as the negative of a small firebird?
Can a record, run backward,
turn ‘repaid’ into ‘diaper’?

Can one marry a model?
Kill your past, make you real, raise a family
by removing you bodily
from the back numbers of Sham?

// Unusual Vladimir Nabokov Links //

Batman Book Group

You've seen Batman Begins and you may be interested in reading some Batman books. Some suggestions: Year One ( a good number of the best bits of the film come from this book ) , The Long Halloween ( more on this book here ) , The Killing Joke ( could this be cultivated into a potential sequel? ) and The Dark Knight Returns (bovs!)

Other fun books: The Complete History , Cover To Cover: The Greatest Comic Book Covers of the Dark Knight. Related: Alumnus shares Batman obsession, collection with University students

+ IGN: The 25 Greatest Batman Graphic Novels
+ The History of the Modern Batman
+ Batman Sequel Rumblings Afoot
+ DVD Times - 24th October 2005 Batman Begins DVD

Just a Batman cover I like...


Previously... [ Batman Begins New Trailer ] , [ Development Hell & Batman ]

Fredric Wertham's Seduction of the Innocent : "Dr. Wertham does accuse Superman of being a fascist, Batman and Robin of being a homosexual fantasy of a man and a boy living together, and Wonder Woman of being just plain kinky.."

DVD's in August

July marks the 10 anniversary of "Clueless", so here comes  Clueless: The "Whatever" Edition
on 8/30.

Extras include the featurettes "The Class Of '95" (looking at the cast then and now), "Creative Writing" (director Amy Heckerling talks about creating the world of Clueless), "Fashion 101" (how the filmmakers invented the trend-setting fashions that defined the movie), "Language Arts" (director and cast give the 411 on the groundbreaking slang), "How To Play The 'Suck n Blow' Game," "Driver's Ed" (get behind the wheel with the cast and crew), "We're History" (stories from the cast and crew on the making of Clueless) and two trailers. \ via DavisDVD

Also in August: no extras SIn City, HOUSE M.D. Season One and The Mambo Kings SE.

[ .. superman ]


Genesis - Land of Confusion ( Video Stream )
oh Superman where are you now
When everything's gone wrong somehow
The men of steel, the men of power
Are losing control by the hour.
Seal - Quicksand (live) *Bowie cover
I'm not a prophet
or a stone age man
Just a mortal
with the potential of a superman

"Land of Confusion" Song Fact: "This is mentioned in the movie American Psycho. The lead character, Patrick Bateman, played by Christian Bale, calls this album their "undisputed masterpiece," and praises this for "questioning authoritative control." He then kills his co-worker."

last weekend's dvd trilogy

Back in the 80's, before "American Psycho", Christian Bale ( soon to be forever linked with Batman)  was in "Empire of the Sun". This may be my favorite Spielberg film. There was a sequel to the book the movie was based on: The Kindness of Women. I've always wanted to read it. How does that boy from Empire become the sick pervert from Crash? Random Fact: The screenplay was by Mr. "Shakespeare in Love" himself, Tom Stoppard. 

- "When he produced Crash in 1973, legend has it that one publisher marked in her notes, "writer beyond psychiatric help"

- About "Crash"..Ballard himself called it "the first pornographic book based on technology"

- "My Wife is a Gangster" became the first Korean film to ever be sold to a U.S. studio for a remake. [ review ]

- Imagine "Miss Congeniality" spliced with "The Godfather", with the fight sequences of "Charlie's Angels" thrown in, and you'll have a pretty good idea what to expect in "My Wife is a Gangster".

Shinichiro Watanabe is such a genius. The standout on this volume is an episode in which an opium crop is burned during a Samurai stand off. Wackyness ensues.

Complete Guide to anachronisms in Samurai Champloo.

"Chip Kidd: Book One"

Publisher's Page for Chip Kidd: Book One

+ Be A Design Group: Paula Scher commented in her introduction to Make it Bigger, that one of the worst things about doing a monograph of your life’s work is that people will assume that you are finished. From the title of his forthcoming book, Chip Kidd: Book One: Work: 1986-2006, it looks like renowned book designer and author Chip Kidd is doing his best to show people that he has only just begun...

+ Back from BEA: a panel called "The Future of Graphic Novels" was moderated by Chip Kidd.

+ Previously released:  "Chip Kidd" by Veronique Vienne.

+ Design Geekery As Applied To Some Book Covers By One Author

words they said

"Stop having premarital sex and perpetuating pop culture" - Waffle
"Me and tequila are buddy-buddy, close likethis!" - Dreamoo
"It's your fault that you want to have sex with a rubik's cube!"- Rochelle
"Welcome to the story of my life: technical difficulty" - a-licious

a comic-strip novel by Clowes

'It's not as cold here as it sounds.'

An expansion and reworking of the "Ice Haven" stories which appear in Eightball #22
+ {quimby's}

While Dan Clowes has gotten a nod from the mainstream - and Oscar nomination for the screen adaptation of Ghost World - his work remains wonderfully idiosyncratic and imaginative.
+ {AtomicBooks}

Wow, Fantagraphics actually updated their page. Too bad they didn't publish this book.   
+ {Clowes Page at Fantagraphics}

+ An Interview with Dan Clowes: He Loves you Tenderly

Which concerns Don Quixote De La Mancha


"Love not what you are, but what you may become."
Miguel de Cervantes

Last year's definitive English translation is out on paperback. Random Don Q. memories: I read some version of it when I was in second grade, to the amazement of teachers and the librarian.  When I was 4th grade I went to a Don Q Play, it was very exciting. Then there was an Anime version, which I watched when I was a kid.

+ 400 Windmills: Reading "Don Quixote"
+ Guardian: Orson Welles's Don Quixote   

Kubrick's $200 book

I saw this on thighmaster's "Books I Plan To Read But I Is Too Darn Lazy" list:
"The Stanley Kubrick Archives". I want it just for the Lolita chapter.

+ The Stanley Kubrick Archives - Facts
+ Newsweek:
Chasing Kubrick
+ How big is this book? Bigger than a 12" PowerBook
+ More pictures of/from the book

Speaking of High Priced Books:
The Andy Warhol Show