ACL dia uno

ACL day deux


Tracy Bonham stepped in for Tegan and Sara. She even did a little bit of "Walking With A Ghost" which she said she had learned from itunes this morning. On another song she inserted "Holla Back Girl" at the end ( older folks around me wondered just what the hell she was saying) and attempted Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog" (old folks around me rejoiced).

Aqualung was well received. They had extra time so they covered Queen's "Somebody To Love" ( little video ).

The Frames did the two songs I wanted to hear ( "Lay Me Down" and "Fake" with a little bit of Johnny Cash's "Ring of fire" at the end. ) and then I moved on. The lead singer was Very Annoying and spewed the most instances of "fucking" out of any performer I've ever seen at ACL.

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