ACL day deux



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/ Tristan Prettyman was pretty terrific. There's no avoiding the Jewel comparison ( has it really been 10 years since Pieces of You ? ) "The geekiest boy I know", she said, Jason Mraz came onstage to perform "Shy That Way" with her to the acclaim of all around.


/ What can I saw about Eisley? you know I love them ( this makes it the 6th or 7th time I've seen them). Non-album songs they performed: "Lady of the Woods", "Mr. Pine", "They All Surrounded Me", "the Escaping Song", the recently re-recorded "Head Against The Sky" and a new one that I think was called "Many Funerals".

+ Little video of "Head Against The Sky"
+ GettyImages pictures


/ Rachael Yamagata started of strong then ran into some technical problems in the middle of her set which made it all loose a little momentum so she pulled the ol crowd sings along to "Wore Me Down" to pick things up a bit. Someone around me yelled out "Play Criminal !".

/ The Arcade Fire have some nerve coming out in those suits when its over 100 degrees. "The temperature was now 104 with a heat index of “You’re fucked”." Two year's running now, the ACL has been on the hottest weekend of the year. Why the hell is the hottest weekend happening in September? I don't know, ask uncle global warming.

/ Franz Ferdinand pulled the one two punch of "Take Me Out" and "Do You Want To" back to back.

/ Coldplay inserted a bit of FF's "Do You Want To" into one of their songs.

+ Evacuees rocked at ACL Fest


Pink headphones for baby Apple. via Austin360.

"Gwyneth Paltrow and her daughter, Apple, were backstage before the start of The Arcade Fire's show.."

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