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Silliman + Poetry


20. Perhaps poetry is an activity and not a form at all.

37. Poetry is a specific form of behavior.

61. Poetry, a state of emotion or intellect. Who would believe that? What would prompt them to do so? Also, what would prompt them to abandon this point of view?

79. I am continually amazed at how many writers are writing the poems they believe the person they wish they were would have written.

ron silliman: "the chinese notebook"



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/ Tristan Prettyman was pretty terrific. There's no avoiding the Jewel comparison ( has it really been 10 years since Pieces of You ? ) "The geekiest boy I know", she said, Jason Mraz came onstage to perform "Shy That Way" with her to the acclaim of all around.


/ What can I saw about Eisley? you know I love them ( this makes it the 6th or 7th time I've seen them). Non-album songs they performed: "Lady of the Woods", "Mr. Pine", "They All Surrounded Me", "the Escaping Song", the recently re-recorded "Head Against The Sky" and a new one that I think was called "Many Funerals".

+ Little video of "Head Against The Sky"
+ GettyImages pictures


/ Rachael Yamagata started of strong then ran into some technical problems in the middle of her set which made it all loose a little momentum so she pulled the ol crowd sings along to "Wore Me Down" to pick things up a bit. Someone around me yelled out "Play Criminal !".

/ The Arcade Fire have some nerve coming out in those suits when its over 100 degrees. "The temperature was now 104 with a heat index of “You’re fucked”." Two year's running now, the ACL has been on the hottest weekend of the year. Why the hell is the hottest weekend happening in September? I don't know, ask uncle global warming.

/ Franz Ferdinand pulled the one two punch of "Take Me Out" and "Do You Want To" back to back.

/ Coldplay inserted a bit of FF's "Do You Want To" into one of their songs.

+ Evacuees rocked at ACL Fest


Pink headphones for baby Apple. via Austin360.

"Gwyneth Paltrow and her daughter, Apple, were backstage before the start of The Arcade Fire's show.."

ACL day deux


Tracy Bonham stepped in for Tegan and Sara. She even did a little bit of "Walking With A Ghost" which she said she had learned from itunes this morning. On another song she inserted "Holla Back Girl" at the end ( older folks around me wondered just what the hell she was saying) and attempted Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog" (old folks around me rejoiced).

Aqualung was well received. They had extra time so they covered Queen's "Somebody To Love" ( little video ).

The Frames did the two songs I wanted to hear ( "Lay Me Down" and "Fake" with a little bit of Johnny Cash's "Ring of fire" at the end. ) and then I moved on. The lead singer was Very Annoying and spewed the most instances of "fucking" out of any performer I've ever seen at ACL.

+ Photo Galleries + Video
+ It's hot out at ACL
+ SBC: Watch Austin City Limits Music Festival LIVE now

ACL dia uno

ACL Music Festival Interviews
+ Frames
+ Arcade Fire
+ Doves
+ Coldplay

Early highlight: Asleep at the Wheel's cover of "What A Wonderful World".

First band to mention the hurricane: the very energetic Kasabian who managed to sneak in "like that fucking hurricane" into one of their songs.

This man was jamming pretty hardcore to to Spoon and was featured on the screen a few times.

+ small one minute video of Spoon performing "Paper Tiger"

+ ACL Spooon review

Tegan and Sara & Kathleen Edwards didn't make it to ACL according to the official site.

two great reads



The last page of issue #1 was a promise to this great issue. The crazy nuts year two batman internal monologues vs scared as hell Robin = superb. I laughed out oud twice when reading this, so rare these days ( these things used to be called "funny books" right? ) Overwhelming feature: It was a FUN read ( I'm looking at you Bendis, you bald bastard, you think reading "Daredevil" is fun?)

Brian K. Vaughan - EX MACHINA VOL. 2: TAG

BRILLIANT!! Sometimes it reminds me of "Lost" b/c of the awesome use of flashbacks. I actually read past this book into the next storyline "Fact vs. Fiction!" which was even better. 

anton + dvd


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Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

+ Directors Label Vols. 4-7 trailer ( features a snippet of Fiona )

ANTON CORBIJN (volume 6) is a name synonymous with many of the most iconic images of the last 25 years, from his massively acclaimed photography, the worldwide exhibitions of his work, his classic and highly sought after books, eye-catching album cover designs and videos for the likes of NIRVANA, METALLICA and most recently THE KILLERS. His long-term relationships with DEPECHE MODE & U2 are well documented, and his recent book of portraiture U2 & I is now on its third print run.

about The Like show

Thelikeband_1I saw The Like open for Tori Amos last Friday. They started playing before I could see them and I half expected Eddie Brickell to be on stage. The lead singer can sound like her at times. Just a little. The rest of the time it was as if a young Lauren Bacall had joined a 90's girl band. Their set was actually too short. Just when they had perfomed enough songs to make one curious about what was next, it was over. Song waiting for a WB drama to use it: "The One". Song most likely to end up on one of my mix cds: "(So I'll Sit Here) Waiting".

+ There are 3 song for download @MySpace
+ Video for "What I Say and What I Mean"
+ Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking? out 9/13

tori + set list + new orleans

Tori  Amos @  Austin, Tx  9/3/05
Set List response to current events...

Little Earthquakes  - Doesn't take much to rip us into pieces
Parasol  - When I come to terms to terms with this My world will change for me
Jamaica Inn - My little boat was tossed
Bells For Her  - Can’t stop what’s coming Can’t stop what is on it’s way
When The Levee Breaks - When The Levee Breaks I'll have no place to stay
Mad World  - Worn out places Worn out faces