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U2 show

I went to Church last night because in a way U2 shows are like a Church revival and a political rally all rolled up to one. The best part had to be Bono pulling up an audience member to play "Angel of Harlem" with then. You have to cherish these unscripted moments within the usual by the numbers U2 shows.

+ Set List - no Achtung Baby songs  :(
+ Bono for President
+ My evening with Bono, Larry, Edge, Adam, Ang and 20,000 of our closest friends
+ Bono paid tribute to Rosa Parks
+ Out in a few weeks: U2 - Vertigo 2005: Live From Chicago DVD (2005)
+ City of Blinding Lights live video
+ " U2's Bono and The Edge have performed a "haunting, romantic" duet with fellow Irish singer Andrea Corr for the soundtrack to a new movie by German director Wim Wenders. " via Beautiful Day   

Watching the Absolute editions

The release of WATCHMEN: THE ABSOLUTE EDITION and The Complete Calvin and Hobbes have to be one of the worse double whammy of expensive book acquisition desires in a while

+ Who'd Watch These Watchmen?
+ Readers Top Rated All time 100 Novels: A close race between Lolita and Watchmen for 3rd place.
+ Coming soon:
+ Eternal Dreaming - Sandman: The Absolute Edition news...

" I heard that they are definitely doing is an Absolute Sandman. Because frankly, the first twenty odd issues of Sandman (in particular, but there’s more running through) were colored for a process that hasn’t been used for twenty years on that old paper stock. And now the paper stock is amazing, the print process is amazing and we’re still using the colors which look worse and worse with every printing. That’s not satisfactory. We’ve always known we needed to recolor the first two graphic novels and maybe the first couple issues of Dream Country. Steve Oliff took over on Sandman 19 and 20 and made it beautiful but at that point it was a computerized process. We’ve always wanted to recolor those and that I think, is incentive enough. The question is how are we going to do it and what will the Absolute Sandman be? For example, I don’t know whether the physical mechanics of book production will actually allow for a two thousand page book. A complete Sandman book would probably look like something encyclopedia sized. On the other hand, it would be a really cool object. And you could kill somebody if you hit them with it. "

miscellany on a sunday

+ International "Match Point" trailer -  It feels more like woody due to the voice over and music.
+ pj harvey b-sides
+ Eisley Tour Posters history - Memories at ACL video
+ Harvey Pekar in Playboy 
+ The Transmission - a LOST podcast /  4815162342.com
 + sort of creepy video - Leonard Cohen: In My Secret Life
+ Speaking Truth To... Magazine Editors
+ Schwarzenegger, You Friggin' Hypocrite
+ Techie Girls: AmberMac @ CommandN - Jen @ OpenAlpha
+ Video Games Live footagenow on tour
+ Dear game publishers: WTF! do all these all have to come out on the same day?

BRMC howl up some noise

Photo: BRMC Tour Archive

I went to see BRMC last night. They started off slow with a completely acoustic sequence of songs then BOOOM! "Ain't No Easy Way" live just shames the recorded version. I came for "Love Burns" and it did not disappoint.

+ Little video from the gig. those drums, damn.
+ "Seriously friends, if you're a fan of guitar, a BRMC concert is like finding friggin' religion."
+ Videos