Scarlett Fever
[ Losing a Whole Year ]

2005 + Songs


a predilection for troubled girls who like to read
being a semi biographical mix In which only songs from 2005 are used

[ Feist - One Evening ]

When we started both broken hearted
Not believing
It could begin and end in one evening

[ Doves - Walk In Fire ]

It seems, it seems there's nothing
That you couldn't do
With a drink inside of you

[ Eisley - One Day I Floated Away  ] 

Your eyes are beating
Rhythms way
Faster than the speeding bullet
That took the life of your radi

[ Okkervil River -In A Radio Song.mp3  ]

To a crackle in a radio song, sing along, sing along, sing along. 

[ Fiona Apple -  Tymps (The Sick In The Head Song) ]

Cuz it isnt the rush of remembering
Its just mush

[ Ani Difranco - Manhole ]

And I'm just about to drop it
Down that manhole of memories
When I realize it doesn't bother me
Like love's mementos usually do
And I look up to see who's different here
The latest me or the latest you

[ Fiona Apple - Waltz ( Better Than Fine ) ]

If you don't have a song
To sing you're okay
You know how to get along

[ Mew - Apocalypso ]

Waltz with me, courageously
We're dancing, dancing

[ The Cardigans - Overload ]

 you i will never forget
i hope you'll remember me later

Kathleen Edwards - What Are You Waiting For  ]

All my wrongs don't make you right

You say you like me in your memory
You've got to be fucking kidding me


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