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2005 + Songs


a predilection for troubled girls who like to read
being a semi biographical mix In which only songs from 2005 are used

[ Feist - One Evening ]

When we started both broken hearted
Not believing
It could begin and end in one evening

[ Doves - Walk In Fire ]

It seems, it seems there's nothing
That you couldn't do
With a drink inside of you

[ Eisley - One Day I Floated Away  ] 

Your eyes are beating
Rhythms way
Faster than the speeding bullet
That took the life of your radi

[ Okkervil River -In A Radio Song.mp3  ]

To a crackle in a radio song, sing along, sing along, sing along. 

[ Fiona Apple -  Tymps (The Sick In The Head Song) ]

Cuz it isnt the rush of remembering
Its just mush

[ Ani Difranco - Manhole ]

And I'm just about to drop it
Down that manhole of memories
When I realize it doesn't bother me
Like love's mementos usually do
And I look up to see who's different here
The latest me or the latest you

[ Fiona Apple - Waltz ( Better Than Fine ) ]

If you don't have a song
To sing you're okay
You know how to get along

[ Mew - Apocalypso ]

Waltz with me, courageously
We're dancing, dancing

[ The Cardigans - Overload ]

 you i will never forget
i hope you'll remember me later

Kathleen Edwards - What Are You Waiting For  ]

All my wrongs don't make you right

You say you like me in your memory
You've got to be fucking kidding me


The one where Nellie does what Fiona did not


Paste Magazine  [via]

A follow up to Nellie vs Sony Singer McKay Leaves Sony in Album Dispute

Singer McKay Leaves Sony in Album Dispute
By Richard Cromelin, Times Staff Writer

Several months after resolving a high-profile dispute with artist Fiona Apple over an album release, Sony Music ended a conflict with another singer-songwriter in a less harmonious manner.

Nellie McKay, who signed with the company's Columbia label in 2003 after a bidding war, said Monday that she had split with the label after a long dispute over the length of her upcoming second album.

McKay had publicly campaigned for her 65-minute, 23-song version of the album, "Pretty Little Head," even giving concert audiences the e-mail address of label head Will Botwin and urging them to complain about the company's plan to release a 48-minute, 16-song version.

Botwin was replaced as Columbia's chairman in an executive shake-up this month, and McKay said the turnover hastened the split.

McKay drew accolades when her debut, "Get Away From Me," came out early last year. It sold more than 100,000 copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan, and anticipation is high for the follow-up, which was scheduled to be released Jan. 3. McKay will make her Broadway debut in April in a production of "The Threepenny Opera."

"To be on our own now, it does make things a lot easier," she said. "We're thinking … we'll probably put it on the Internet first sometime in January and then coordinate the [conventional] release around 'Threepenny,' maybe in February."

A Columbia spokeswoman said Monday that the label had no comment.

This year Sony's Epic label risked losing Apple for what she considered unreasonable intrusion into the process of recording her third album. After halting work on it for a time, she ultimately completed the record and released "Extraordinary Machine," which has been widely acclaimed as one of the year's best albums.

+ "Cupcake"
+"Columbia Is Bleeding"
+ "We Had It Right" [ with K.D. Lang ]
+ Nellie McKay isn't 19, oh the horror 

"healing America by beating people up"


I just like the tag line.

+ “People get kicked. Things explode. What more do you need to know?” @
+ Cover for nextwave# 3 - " The Story: ATTENTION SCUM!! It’s a special issue of NEXTWAVE. The characters learn the values of compassion, kindness and 5-megaton nuclear weapons! KABOOOOMM!!!! Forget about compassion and kindness, NEXTWAVE #3 has dirty cops, giant deranged robots, enormous guns and schoolchildren! Pulitzer Prize, HERE WE COME!!! 32 PGS./Parental Advisor "  (marvel catalog)

Parker Posey is Fay Grim


"Why is it that when someone starts talking about civillization I hear the sound of machine guns"?

"Henry Fool" is one of my favorite movies. Just the other day I was telling a buddy of mine that if I had my own movie theater I would always show this film.

I had an argument with someone once about the ending. I saw it as happy and she saw it as sad. Now here comes the sequel to dispel it either way. I'm excited about seeing these characters again.

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+ Thought for the Day: Parker Posey is a god.
+ "In Images We Trust": Hal Hartley Interviews Jean-Luc Godard

Nellie vs Sony

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blogging.la: "Nellie prefaced the show to say that Sony has given her the full CD. I heard there were label people at the Troubadour and her outburst might have done the trick. But she was still pissed and a little worked up over the fact that she even had to "take it to the streets" as she said. "I got my 65 minute CD I should be happy" but she continued to rag on Sony, urging everyone to steal anything and everything they can from major corporations and said if she was computer savvy she would be stealing music online. ..."

Sony, I download your music
Preview track #4, "The Big One" from Pretty Little Head
The Threepenny Opera - Nellie McKay as Polly Peachum
+  Defamer:
Comparisons To Barbra Streisand Drive Nellie McKay To Nervous Breakdown