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monday {miscellany}


+ Matchpoint DVD on April 25th 
+ Rhett Miller with Rachael Yamagata track
+ more radiohead noodz
+ World grooves to Austin music
+ World of Warcraft Teaches the Wrong Things - "40 mundane people with a lot of time would put Albert Einstein to shame any day of the week in this game."


+ Comic Book Of The Week: Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #2 writen by Damon Lindelof ( "LOST" Co-Creator) - Review
+ Random Fact: my favorite character on JLU is The Question - "He's been shown humming pop songs while breaking into a building, claims the motives of aglets (the caps at the end of shoelaces) are "sinister" and believes in ominous links between boy bands and global warming, the Girl Scouts and the crop circle phenomenon and toothpaste and spy satellites."

+ Trailer for "Art School Confidential"
+ Trailer for Almodovar's "Volver"
+ Anxiously waiting for The Venture Bros, 1st Season

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