[ Let Down ]
..the hot girl in the glasses

Crawling From the Wreckage

Like VN [1] I believe in Fate and this is my current Fate: I have suffered a disastrous data loss. Sometimes hard drives go Kaput. This particular hard drive happened to contain folders with names like "Photographers", "Waiting for a Quote", "Songs in search of a picture" and on and on. Know what I mean jelly bean? All the files I used for this blog ( like an archive of all the little 100x100 icons on the left and right ) and files, notes and ideas I had yet to use. Like in the R.E.M song: "Let's begin again.."

"Nabokov was a monomaniac and he persistently worked-over one big, complicated theme: fate's cruel capriciousness." VN COLLATION #14

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