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I'm Your Man track list

Hot Damn! Nick Cave covering "I'm Your Man". To be released on July 25th.

+ Gibson's passion for Cohen - "Although millions of moviegoers know Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ," what most people don't know is that Gibson also has another passion -- for the music of Leonard Cohen."

+ Film Forum Podcasts - Q & A session with filmmaker Lian Lunson, director of LEONARD COHEN: I’M YOUR MAN

+ Salon Letters to the Editor "Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man"
+ The Man Himself performing last month

..the hot girl in the glasses


from the JACK OF FABLES #1 commentary found in Fables # 50

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Fables # 50 is just a magical joy to read. I think it was the best issue by far. Bill Willingham and the rest of the creative team really outdid themselves with this one.

+ James Jean on the Fables 50 cover
+ Coming in October: FABLES: 1001 NIGHTS OF SNOWFALL
+ Being    a    guide    to    the     various characters in Fables

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Crawling From the Wreckage

Like VN [1] I believe in Fate and this is my current Fate: I have suffered a disastrous data loss. Sometimes hard drives go Kaput. This particular hard drive happened to contain folders with names like "Photographers", "Waiting for a Quote", "Songs in search of a picture" and on and on. Know what I mean jelly bean? All the files I used for this blog ( like an archive of all the little 100x100 icons on the left and right ) and files, notes and ideas I had yet to use. Like in the R.E.M song: "Let's begin again.."

"Nabokov was a monomaniac and he persistently worked-over one big, complicated theme: fate's cruel capriciousness." VN COLLATION #14

I call him Jesus

Any time I see a trailer with Martin Donovan I think "hey, its Jesus" because of his part in the film "The Book of Life". The latest trailer I saw with him in it is for the film "At Last", which looks like a standard mid-life crisis drama to me. He is also in an upcoming movie with Elisha Cuthbert via the thighmaster. Martin Donovan has been in movies directed by Hal Hartley. Hal Hartley directed Henry Fool. Henry Fool starred James Urbaniak. James Urbaniak is the voice of Dr. Venture in the awesome cartoon The Venture Bros. : Venture Bros. Creator - The SuicideGirls Interview. For extra credit I'll connect to my last post: James Urbaniak was the Woody Allen stand-in character in Sweet and Lowdown.  Also, ABOUT THE VENTURES’ 2ND SEASON

"Youth for an Unromantic Summer"


Of all the MySpace band/music bulletins I've gotten, this one from Michael Leviton is my favorite....

Every summer,  thousands of innocent hearts are broken by the plague often referred to as "Summer Romance". And it must stop! I am writing you now to spread the word of my personal community service project "YOUTH FOR AN UNROMANTIC SUMMER" to stop bonfires, romantic walks on the beach, beautiful people in bathing suits, etc.

Also, if you haven't yet, be sure to download the YUS anthem "Summer's the Worst" for free from my myspace page and/or buy my debut album, "My
Favorite Place to Drown" and play it for your friends, especially your sexiest and most alluring friends who are singlehandedly responsible for 90 percent of summer lust and sexual frustration!

+ Mike Leviton - Boring Island (live)

Era Lo, sencillamente Lo...


"Era Lo, sencillamente Lo por la mañana, cuando estaba derecha, con su metro cuarenta y ocho de estatura, con un pie enfundado en un calcetín. Era Lola cuando llevaba puestos los pantalones. Era Dolly en la escuela. Era Dolores cuando firmaba. Pero en mis brazos siempre fué Lolita."
(Tomado del libro "Lolita" de Vladimir Nabokov)

It never occured to me to read Lolita in Spanish.