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Fail again. Fail better

[ It's A Long Life To Always Be Longing ]


[ Hawksley Workman - It's A Long Life To Always Be Longing ]

I have no desire to do anything. I am afraid of nothing and I want nothing. I wait like a psychopath in a game of dodge-ball: breathing quickly while the fools decide which one will throw at me next, and jumping aside for no reason except that I like being in the middle. And there is no reason for being in the middle. Why not quit altogether and like outside the circle?

I have no idea what to say, I don’t know when I’ll see you again and I don’t believe in anything beyond the next ten minutes. People keep calling me and telling me what a great friend I am. Everybody is looking for someone who can stand up in the wind. It is lonely standing up and crowded lying down. I refuse to be an anchor for other people’s dreams – but then I refuse to anchor mine to anyone else. So I have no choice but to stand up and piss into the wind. Pardon my vulgarity.

Hunter S. Thompson

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