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last 30 days of the 20's


The last 30 days of my 20's

// Eurythmics: I've Tried Everything
Being an anthem of underachievement.

// Sondre Lerche -  You Sure Look Swell
She does, everytime.

// Teddy Thomas: Tonight Will Be Fine (live)
Cover song obsession of the month.
// U2: Night and Day (live) 
Captivated & Charmed.

// Morrissey: My Life Is An Endless Succession Of People Saying Goodbye
Another friend left town and I know who's next.

// Kaiser Chiefs: Oh My God
It was time to be far from home.

// Toadies: Possum Kingdom (live)
In which I go to my last dance related anything ever
(unless a waifish starlet makes me go to another one, in which case I will because I do have my weaknesses)

// U2: Fast Cars
It was time for a new car.

// Ani Difranco - Hypnotized (Live)
In which I hope Ani has written the last song that reminds me of an antiquated affair.

+ Happy Jack Kirby Day!
+ Happy Birthday, Maddy

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