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Fall 2004 Nostalgia

U2: How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
Original Release Date: November 23, 2004

Season 1, Episode 1: September 22, 2004

World of Warcraft
Release Date: November 23, 2004

The Incredibles 
Release Date: November 5, 2004

Tegan and Sara: So Jealous
Original Release Date: September 14, 2004

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas  
Release Date: October 26, 2004

Halo 2
Release Date: November 9, 2004

House M.D.
Season 1, Episode 1: November 16,  2004

2004. I miss you.

[ Alone Together ]


Photo: Christophe Kutner

[ Judy Garland - Alone Together ]

I have never loved a woman for herself alone, but because I was caught up in the time with her, between train arrivals and train departures and other commitments. I have loved because she was beautiful and we were two humans lying in the forest at the edge of a dark lake or because she was not beautiful and we were two humans walking between buildings who understood something about suffering. I have loved because so many loved her or because so many were indifferent to her, or to make her believe that she was a girl in a meadow upon whose approved knees I laid my head or to make her believe that I was saint and that she had been loved by a saint. I never told a woman I liked her and when I wrote the words “My love,” I never meant it to mean “I love you.”

L.Cohen “Poems Written / While Dying of Love”

wii wanted it, wii got it


Waiting to buy the Wii last night: I took the picture so I'm not in it. That's Natalie in the middle looking at the camera. She was my loyal co-pilot in this Wii overnight stay at Best Buy endeavor. Most popular DS game being played: ELITE BEAT AGENTS

Rayman Raving Rabbids Rules!

Legend of Zelda: A New Leaf
Wii for All Commercial
 The Wii Interface is Sexy

+ Previously [ My Portable Gaming History ]


Grant Morrison, obviously Capt. Jean-Luc Picard's Happier Twin

"I'd like to have them all released as a boxed set of issues that you can shuffle around and also as individual miniseries plus bookends in a sumptuous Absolute collection printed using the finest intelligent inks from Mars and Venus on paper so smooth and so sexy that one touch is like fortnight's worth of non-stop latex sex."
said Mr.Grant Morrison on the subject of his Seven Soldiers series.

"The King is basically Michael Myers with a big plastic head."
said Chepo on the subject of the Burger King Sneak King game ( Already reviewed by IGN with the headline “Sneak King Review: Call off the restraining order, I’m loving it.” )

"If Luna Darko plays 4 days every week, I will be one happy Xbox."
said my Xbox 360 on the subject of my playing habits.

[ Heartbreak Hotel ]

Photo: Nan Goldin

[ John Cale - Heartbreak Hotel - new live version from "Live Circus" ]

"She ripped my soul apart and tossed away the pieces like she was emptying an ashtray, But does my mind stay on that? Hell no! It brings me back that look she had in her eyes when I told her about my dad. That time we smoked pot and got the giggles and couldn’t stop. That crazy way she got scared in the middle of the night and started crying and how I held her close to me until dawn.” 
Frank Miller, “A Dame To Kill For”
+ Exclusive: Frank Miller Readies Batman Vs. Osama and Sin City 2

3 con subtitulos


This week I watched 3 films from directors I have high regards for: Andrew Lau ( "Infernal Affairs" ), Pedro Almodovar ( "All About My Mother" ) and Alejandro González Iñárritu ( "Amores Perros" ).

First up, Daisy [ trailer ] - It goes unsaid that the main draw here for me was Jeon Ji Hyun. I've yet to see one of her movies that I didn't like. A director with pedigree was only a bonus. To me it was a perfect blend of a typical Jeon movie ( a love story, whimsical girl who writes a journal and/or keeps an internal monologue ) and a Lau movie ( Good Cop vs Bad Guy, or is he a Bad Guy? ). It had some soap opera moment though.

Volver [ trailer ] - This movie came off like a complete soap opera which I have never felt from any other Almodovar film. This is Melodrama with a capital M. This one is was just too low key for me. It didn't quite hold my interest. Was it supposed to be some sort of homage to soap operas? Or a revisit to an almost all female cast like "All About Your Mother"? Thankfully I can watch this movie without subtitles and wish nothing but luck to people who have to keep up with them because at times these women were Yentering it up at the speed of sound.

Babel [ Official Site ] - This one is the heartwrencher. Should of known that from all of the other movies by this director. Great but depressing.


Video Clip: Fiona: I hardly ever write anything down..........

Video Clip: QT: I'm a sound check virgin..............

[ one more ] Video Clip: It's like some sort of "God antenna"....

Fiona and Quentin Tarantino on ICONOCLASTS will air this Thursday, November 9th @ 9 PM ET/PT. The sound check from this episode is from the same show I went to see this summer. In fact, in my original post I asked "Was that Quentin Tarantino backstage?"

[ Thinking About You ]

©2006 ~AlexiaBleedel

[ Radiohead - Thinking About You(live) ]

Somewhere between cute and precious, I could not stop thinking about you.
Somewhere between precious and adorable, I decided I would walk in fire for you.
Somewhere between adorable and gorgeous, nudity became our enemy.
Somewhere between gorgeous and beautiful, I became static.
Somewhere between beautiful and devastating, I lost you.