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Last Year's Man

Last Year's Man
The rain falls down on last year's man, an hour has gone by and he has not moved his hand. But everything will happen if he only gives the word; the lovers will rise up and the mountains touch the ground. But the skylight is like skin for a drum I'll never mend and all the rain falls down amen on the works of last year's man.
Leonard Cohen


// She's Fantastic - Sondre Lerche
All the girls my own age, have me turning the page

// Damien Rice - Volcano | video
And like a new disease she's still too young to treat


// Play Me In Your Bedroom - Spottiswoode And His Enemies
When your dance is done and you take off your shoes


// Lou Reed - Tell It To Your Heart (live)

// Muse - Starlight |video
I just wanted to hold You in my arms

// Radiohead - Big Ideas (Nude) | video
Don't get any big ideas, they're not gonna happen

// David Bowie - White Light, White Heat
Have mercy white light have it goodness knows

// Songs of Almodóvar - Luz De Luna
Para sentir divina la illusion que me traiste / to feel that divine illusion you brought me

// Richard Ashcroft - The Drugs Don't Work | video
But I know I'm on a losing streak

// James - Say Something | video
More than a drug is what I need / Amongst friends, but all alone

// Mew - Comforting Sounds
I don't feel alright / why don't we share our solitude?

// Rufus Wainwright - This Love Affair
I don't know what I'm doing. I don't know where I am going.

// Rufus Wainwright - Every Time We Say Goodbye | video
I wonder why a little

// Leonard Cohen - Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye
but let's not talk of love or chains and things we can't untie

// Damien Rice - Elephant (live) | video
This has got to stop.

// the Cure - End | video
I think I've reached that point where giving up and going on are both the same dead end to me

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Directores en Espanol

Quick! name 3 Brilliant Spanish speaking film directors...............OK, I'll do it for you:

1- Alejandro González Iñárritu
2- Alfonso Cuarón
3- Pedro Almodóvar


+ Empire Review: But Cuarón has achieved something tremendous, and his take on the action genre rivals that of Paul Greengrass in terms of invigoration.

+ Sydney Morning Herald: Have you ever seen Sir Michael Caine farting or smoking pot before?" Cuaron asks.

Latino USA’s Maria Hinojosa speaks with director Alejandro Gonzålez Iñårritu about his recent movie, “Babel.” [Program 714]

+ The Redemption of Penelope Cruz via Volver: As with all of Almodovar's films, Volver was better the second time around

Out of the 3 sci-fi movies with social commentaries that came out this year, I wonder which one will have the most longevity: V for Vendetta, A Scanner Darkly or Children of Men ?


I can't really put it in one sentence because although on one hand Preacher is about faith and yes it is also about, I suppose, the search for God, the search for faith and the manipulation and the abuse committed by figures in whom I suppose people have faith.
Garth Ennis

SCIFI WIRE: Mark Steven Johnson, who has just signed a deal with HBO to adapt the popular Vertigo comic Preacher into an hour-long series, told SCI FI Wire that he plans to turn each issue of the comic into a single episode, which will be as close to the original source material as possible.

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Abstruse Words

Abstruse words found in Against the Day, a novel by Thomas Pynchon.