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dude i was in ny too over valentines day. our car ran out of gas somewhere in the middle of manhattan.

Kevin Church

Wait, were you stuck on the Shitty Plane of Shitty Death?

I'm so, so sorry.

[ juan ]

@Kevin : Thankfully No, I was not stuck on the Shitty Plane of Shitty Death ( mind you there were over 5 of those ). I was stuck on the Shitty Plane of Shitty Death's Terminal with all the people who didn't get to fly on the Shitty PlaneS of Shitty Death the previous day.

@racoon : that sounds scary.


we got 2 and a half feet of snow during the vday blizzard (how dare you call it a mere storm ;P) you were only 6 hours south of us, how much snow did you get?

[ juan ]

I believe it was around 4 inches. As far as NY news stations go, it was just a storm.

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