It's A Long Life To Always Be /Longing/

10 Years of Answering the Boatman's Call

"The Boatman's Call",
Originaly released on March 4, 1997 is one of my desert island albums.

"The world is obsessed by Cave and in turn he is obsessed by love, religion and redemption. His are the psalms that bring warmth in the chill of the night, they are the croon of the heartbroken, the cry of the lonely albatross who soars eternally across cold neurotic seas and the strum and weeping of violins that herald pain and loss in its most desperate hour of need.

He's Leonard Cohen on bended knees praying at the shrine; the black crow king swooning to vaudevillian and burlesque strums, a drunken sailor of shipwrecked, bittersweet blues and an evangelist of the sweetest ballads that drinks from the chalice of dark haired nymphets.."
The Boatman's Call Interview [1997] by Jayne Margetts (The I Magazine)

[ Into My Arms, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds ] "I'm not sure which is more lilting about Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' 'Into My Arms': the promise of an ecclesiastic love from a man who doesn't believe in God, or the juxtaposition of Cave's ghoulish baritone with a delicate piano ballad."

{ (Are You) The One That I've Been Waiting For? Video } Back in January I had bookmarked the Boatman's Call era live performances on MTV but of course they are now gone, so if anyone has them or can point the way....

[ Green Eyes ] Interview from "Mojo Magazine" [1997]
Nick Cave: ...and Green Eyes is dedicated to Tori Amos. Especially the line about Twinkling cunt...
JM: Are you kidding?
NC: No, I am absolutely serious. Tori rubs sparkles into her pubic hair.

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